What to wear on safari – 5 safari outfits for ladies

One of the biggest challenges I had when visiting Tanzania was choosing what to wear on safari. Although I had been on safari in Sri Lanka, it doesn’t compare to the 5 days of adventure through the Serengeti and other fascinating places on the African continent.


Every woman thinks about fashionable safari clothes to feel comfortable, practical, and look good in pictures. So, I want to inspire you through these 5 safari outfits for ladies.


Before moving on to the actual safari outfits and giving a grade to each one, depending on how I felt in it and the whole look, we need to know a few basic things and details that we need to keep in mind when choosing safari clothing for women. Also, the end of the article contains some essential and valuable tips to make your adventure unforgettable.


Lions in Serengeti | What to wear on safari


What is a safari, and how long can it last


Safari is a term used to describe a journey in which you go to observe animals in their natural habitat. Basically, it is a much more empathetic alternative to visiting zoos or other forms of restricting animal freedom.


I have been in two such experiences so far. We did day safaris in Sri Lanka and a 5-day safari in Tanzania, in the country’s most important safari parks. And by parks, I mean nature reserves, unaltered by man, huge regions where animals can walk freely and freely.


A safari can last from one day to 10 days or even longer in exceptional cases. Usually, the optimal time to fully enjoy this adventure is 5 days, but it also depends on the area you will explore.


However, you should know that a day of safari can take from 6 to 12 hours. For this reason, I insist that the clothes you wear on safari must be very comfortable.


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Sunset in Serengeti, Tanzani | Safari attire for ladies


Safari outfit tips that you need to know | What to wear on safari


Besides many other things to organize, you must carefully consider your clothes when you go on safari. Given my experience in Tanzania, I suggest you consider the following tips:


  • Try to make your safari outfits at home.
  • Pay close attention to the weight limit allowed by the airlines
  • Go for colors as natural as possible and close to the environment in which you will travel
  • Avoid very flashy colors, but also black and blue
  • Choose raw, breathable materials
  • Remember the temperature you will have to endure, depending on the season.
  • Remember that temperatures vary during the day, so it would be good to consider layering your safari outfits.


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What to wear on safari – 5 safari outfits for ladies


Outfit #1 for safari | What to wear on safari


On the first day, I visited Tarangire Park. I chose to wear a relatively light outfit of black boots, short jeans, and a T-shirt with an exciting print of safari animals. I accessorized this safari outfit with a pair of yellow sunglasses and high sun protection, which I used almost daily. Boots are one of the best shoes for safari.


The shirt has linen material combined with cotton, so it proved to be extremely comfortable and suitable for a safari outfit. Instead, I don’t think I would wear jeans anymore. Jeans are not necessarily a material you want to wear for a whole day, not very suitable for safari clothing for women. Especially if they are too tight.


Points for this safari outfit: 7.5 out of 10



Safari outfit #2 | Safari attire for ladies


When I visited the Maasai tribe and Serengeti on the second day, I wore one of the most comfortable and classic safari outfits. I chose a shorts and short sleeves jumpsuit, a pair of very comfortable sneakers, and a hat I occasionally wore.


Sneakers are also some of the best shoes for safari since they are very comfortable and you can spend some hours wearing them.


The safari jumpsuit is one of the most versatile items of clothing you can think of when packing your safari luggage. It is light, comfortable, and looks good in photos. Make sure the material is breathable; I chose linen.


Points for this safari outfit:  8/10


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Safari outfit #3 | What to wear on safari


Day three of the safari was one of the longest. So, I chose a very comfortable outfit in which I can move freely. I kept the sneakers (as I said, some of the best shoes for safari), to which I added a leopard print skirt, a light T-shirt, and a wide linen shirt that ties at the waist. I used a headband for my hair to match the rest of the outfit.


I don’t recommend short skirts for safari, but they can become one of the most fashionable safari items with a small trick. I added a pair of nude short tights underneath for more practicality and protection against mosquito bites. Speaking of which, don’t forget to add DEET mosquito sprays to your safari luggage!


Points for this safari outfit: 9/10



Safari outfit #4 | Safari clothing for women


Day 4 corresponds to the exploration of the Ngorongoro crater. Here I chose to wear a pair of long, wide pants with a print inspired by nature. I added a pale green top with straps, over which I put a short white denim jacket and a pair of nude sandals, very comfortable. I wore the same hat on my head.


It’s an outfit I felt pretty good in, especially since I spent most of the day in the car.


Points for this safari outfit: 8/10



Safari outfit #5 | What to wear on safari


On the last day of the safari, I visited the coffee plantation in the complex, where we stayed overnight and explored Lake Manyara. I said in a previous article that is my only regret in the safari.


I wore the same pair of shorts from the first day, a light leopard print top, black boots, and a casual blazer in a very light shade of brown. It’s on the last position for me, and that’s because I didn’t feel comfortable at all in that pair of pants on the roads under construction in Manyara Park.


Points for this safari outfit: 7/10



What accessories should you wear on safari?


Sunglasses are the first accessory you should not miss from your safari luggage. Make sure you have at least one pair that matches the safari outfits you will wear but that will also provide you with the necessary protection against the sun’s rays.


Then don’t forget your hat or cap. Even if you will be in the car most of the time and you will be protected, there will be times when you have to go for lunch or observe the animals with the ceiling raised. Accessories are the best items to use if you want to improve safari attire for women.



What kind of shoes should I wear on safari – Best shoes for safari


Depending on how far you will go and what the relief looks like in the area you are visiting, these are the best shoes for safari you must consider:

  • boots – choose a light pair with not very high soles
  • comfortable and durable sandals – are a good option when you do not have a very bumpy relief that you have to hike
  • sneakers – an ideal choice for safari, but go in colors that blend beautifully with nature
  • hiking boots – suitable for an extreme safari, in which you need a better grip


I think it goes without saying, but I still need to mention it. The shoes you should never bring on safari are heels, slippers, heeled ankle boots, and other footwear that we usually use in an urban environment.



What colors to wear on safari


The most suitable colors for safari outfits are those that, as I said above, blend beautifully with the environment. More precisely, with the soil and vegetation. So, the best shades would be brown, beige, dry green, khaki, cream, olive, and other derivatives.


The most recommended colors are blue, black, and any bright color, such as a bright red or candy pink. The idea is not to attract the attention of animals and scare them.


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