Road trip to Gitgit Waterfall in Bali, Indonesia

A road trip to Gitgit waterfall is an activity I recommend when visiting Bali since this is one of the most accessible location-wise. During the month I spent in Bali, I saw two waterfalls, both very popular among tourists and spectacularly beautiful.


The first was Tengenungan, located very close to Ubud and quite crowded, and the second one I’m going to talk about in this article is Gitgit, situated in the north of the island, in the village with the same name, at a distance of about 2 and a half hours of Seminyak.






Road trip to Gitgit Waterfall in Bali, Indonesia


   How to get to Gitgit Waterfall



 As I have already said, the road, not considering all stops, takes about two and a half hours, although there are only about 70 kilometers. That’s because you’re going to drive up on the hills, there’s a lot of humidity, and there are some curves to take at a significantly reduced speed.


For those who prefer not to bother with organizing a road trip to Git git waterfall, I recommend this tour that includes Alingaling Waterfalls and Gitgit waterfall and a short stop at Pura Taman Ayun temple.


We chose to rent a car without a driver because we had a different kind of road trip in mind, which included two other essential stops, Tanah Lot and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temples. Initially, we wanted to rent with the driver, but none was willing to make this route in a single day.


  We hit the road early in the morning from the hotel where we were staying in Seminyak. The first stop, for which we had to go a long way, was the Tanah Lot Temple, probably the most visited in Bali due to its beautiful panorama and unique setting on a rock bathed by ocean waters.


  The second stop was another temple built on the water; this time, Lake Bratan was surrounded by mountains and covered in a fog most of the time. The two visits took us half a day, so we had to move to Gitgit waterfall quickly.



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Bali waterfall map | Road trip to Gitgit waterfall

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple | Gitgit waterfall Bali

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Passing through the jungle to get to GitGit waterfall


  The road to Gitgit waterfall is an adventure in itself.


You will cross the jungle, you will look in the valley from high heights above the vast plantations of rice and palm trees, you will stop to donate to a breeder of giant bats, cobras, owls, and Civet cats, and you will admire the monkeys playing right on the edge of the road. The air gets wetter with the rise in altitude, so your hair will suffer a bit.


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Wild monkeys on the way to Gitgit waterfall


 How is the Gitgit waterfall experience


  Finally, we arrived at a parking lot for those who stopped to visit the famous Git git waterfall. We crossed the street and followed the route exactly, but that was after we stopped to enjoy a Luwak coffee directly from the source. As with the first experience, I did not feel any difference in the flavor compared to regular coffee.

The following 15 minutes consisted of climbing many stairs, admiring the luxuriant vegetation around us, familiarizing ourselves with the roosters strolling along the cobbled alleys, enjoying the sound of the jungle, and finally, the excellent sound made by Gitgit waterfall.

No, not the roosters who are enjoying it, but us! Typically, from what I read on the internet, we would have had to pay a small fee of 5000 IDR ($ 0.35) to get access, but nobody asked us anything.

Walking to Git git waterfall is easy; the road is fully paved, with signs, so you don’t get lost. About 50 yards before entering the traditional Balinese gate, there are several stalls with clothes and other decoration items.

I advise you to ignore them, but if you feel too tempting, negotiate well for them, as the initial prices are unjustifiably high.



Luwak animal, near Gitgit waterfall

Road to Gitgit waterfall

Kopi luwak | Road trip to Git git waterfall


Git Git waterfall is an impressive one, measuring about 35 meters tall. And the flow is quite strong, especially if you visit the island in the rainy season when rainfall helps increase the water volume.

In this sense, I declare myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to admire Git git waterfall when it was in its best shape.


Git git waterfall as seen from a distance

Gitgit waterfall

Gitgit waterfall Bali


 A road trip to Git git waterfall is an activity I recommend to you when visiting Bali. There are many waterfalls on the island, but most of them you will get after a grueling hike. So it’s worth getting here, considering how easy the route and spectacular the waterfall are.


Gitgit waterfall facts


  • it’s 35 meters high
  • there are some wild monkeys around the waterfall
  • it’s located about 70 km from Denpasar
  • the waterfall is located in Gitgit Village
  • there are other four waterfalls in Gitgit Village


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