TOP 10 things to do in Chicago

Even if you’ve been there a few times, there are still plenty of things to do in Chicago. It’s the type of city where things are continuously changing, and something new is always coming up.Also, Chicago is about listening to the waves while gazing up at the skyscrapers. What could be greater than that?   […]

5-day safari in Tanzania | safari itinerary and costs

The 5-day safari in Tanzania quickly climbed into my top 10 most beautiful experiences since traveling. And I write this while admiring the black ebony rhino on my desk, a souvenir that will always remind me of the adventures in Serengeti and the other wildlife parks in Tanzania.   Organizing such a trip is not […]

Everything you need to know before going on safari in Tanzania

I recently returned from Tanzania, a country I didn’t necessarily have on the bucket list, but which surprised me very much, mainly due to the five-day safari experience. I’ve been on a safari in Yala Park in Sri Lanka, but it doesn’t compare.     I activated my adventurous spirit in a safari through the […]

3 Days in Los Angeles – what to do and see

     This trip to the City of Angels is part of the 10 Days West Coast Trip I discussed in some of the previous articles. Los Angeles was our last destination (if I don’t consider having to go back to the LV McCarran International Airport to take off). We spent almost three days in Los Angeles. Although we arrived in […]

Staying at Mvuvi Boutique Resort in Kiwengwa, Zanzibar

After six intense days of safaris in Tanzania, two nights at Mvuvi Boutique Resort were the pampering I needed. A boutique hotel opened in 2007 when a couple from Italy irretrievably fell in love with Zanzibar.   So, Mvuvi Boutique Resort has a beautiful story behind it and two passionate people who have dedicated their […]

10 FREE things to do in Dubai – Dubai on a budget

Did you know that, although it’s one of the most wealthy places on Earth, there are still so many free things to do in Dubai? Well, yes, you can definitely explore Dubai on a budget!   In addition to luxury hotels, top restaurants, Guinness world record buildings, and nightclubs for which you have to sacrifice […]

12 Most Beautiful places to visit in Turkey

With a rich history and ruins left as evidence, many delicious dishes, great relief, lakes, and colorful towns, Turkey is a dreamland, a gateway between Asia and Europe, a complex country you must visit.   In this article, I will try to make a list of the 12 most beautiful places to visit in Turkey […]

Where to find the most beautiful magnolias in Bucharest

These days, I wandered around Bucharest in search of the most beautiful magnolias. Is there any other time when the city is more beautiful than when the magnolias are in full bloom?     I am lucky to live close to one of the streets that will appear in this article, but I wanted to […]

14 Best photo spots in Istanbul – Instagrammable places in Istanbul

Istanbul is an entirely Instagram-friendly city. The best photo spots in Istanbul can be found on every street corner, near hundreds of years old mosques, in bazaars packed with products, on the streets, on the Bosphorus, everywhere.   But, if you only have a few days to spend in the city, you need this guide […]

Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls

For most, Morocco means colorful fabrics, dunes, winding streets, delicious food, oases with palm trees, the Atlas Mountains, the cities of Marrakech, Fes, and the ruins in the middle of the desert. But Morocco is also about spectacular waterfalls that will take your breath away with their beauty.   The highest and most impressive waterfall […]