Day trips in Virginia

Known under several representative names, such as the Mother of Presidents or the Old Dominion, Virginia is a beautiful American state on the East Coast, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.   Although it’s one of the smallest states, 37th out of 50, there are many great ideas for day trips in Virginia. […]

100+ Short Mountain Quotes

I really like mountains, but I also like some short mountain quotes. If I have to answer the question “What do you prefer between the mountains and the sea?”, my answer will always be both, mountains next to the sea. For this reason, Rio de Janeiro is my favorite city. And if it’s not possible […]

Pensions near Bucharest

Whether it’s summer, winter, or any other season, the capital of Romania is not exactly the most vacation-friendly place I know. Bucharest has its charm, and urban life suits some of us like a glove, but an escape from time to time, in one of the most beautiful places near Bucharest is what we need. […]

What to do in Vienna in one day

     Whether you are here on a cruise on the Danube, whether you have a long layover between two flights or you’re on a road trip through Europe, like in my case, you have to know that Vienna, although impressive and very offering, can be “tasted” if you only have a day at your […]

Best places to stay in Brasov

I want to clarify one thing from the beginning. This article refers to the best places to stay in Brasov County, although most are in the city. According to statistics, Brasov is the most visited city in Romania. But it’s also my favorite, so I always return to Brasov with the same joy.   Brasov […]

Things to do in Gura Humorului, Romania

I knew about Bucovina that it’s one of the most picturesque regions in Romania, but the last time I visited was two decades ago, on a class trip. My memories faded with the passing of the years, but I surely remember that I liked it a lot even then.   This time I visited only […]

14 Day Turkey itinerary

   The most exciting way to explore a destination is through a road trip. You can stop anywhere and enjoy the landscapes on the road between the two places of the planned itinerary.    Turkey is the ideal country for such a trip. It offers a variety of relief, cultures, traditions, and views that will cut […]

Cote d’Azur holiday – French Riviera road trip

Cote d’Azur stretches along the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the French Alps, bordering Italy. Known for its dreamy landscapes, which combine the sea with rocky hills, but especially for its richness, elegance, opulence, and luxury, Cote d’Azur is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.   Few know, but the name […]

USA West Coast itinerary 2 weeks

The USA is a highly diverse country; the north doesn’t look like the south, and the landscape changes entirely from east to west. The same happens if you follow this USA West Coast itinerary for 2 weeks, a coast that, from my point of view, has so much to offer.   Although an extended vacation […]

The best places on the Amalfi Coast

  If you are one of those travelers who don’t know what to choose between mountains and sea, this article is for you since it covers the best places on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, which has both. In fact, this article is for you regardless of your choice; I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t fall in […]