Where to find the most beautiful magnolias in Bucharest

These days, I wandered around Bucharest in search of the most beautiful magnolias. Is there any other time when the city is more beautiful than when the magnolias are in full bloom?



I am lucky to live close to one of the streets that will appear in this article, but I wanted to see more, to enjoy them all if possible. There are several types of magnolias, and we can admire some of them in the capital city of Romania.



The most popular are Soulangeana, Stellata, Susan, Galaxy, and my favorite, Heaven Scent, with its rich crown and pale pink flowers.

Pink, white, and even yellow, the magnolias in Bucharest offer a true spectacle and an explosion of color in the gray landscape that just came out of winter.



I managed to see many areas of the city and discover magnolias of impressive size. Some of them are already famous on Instagram, and queues form in front of them. While others are known only by the locals of that area, and they deserve more fame.



I will update this article with more information and places where you can admire the most beautiful magnolias in Bucharest, as I manage to discover others.



Where to find white and pink magnolias in Bucharest


Piata Muncii (Muncii Square)


I think it is the area with the most magnolias per square kilometer, so every spring is a reason to walk these streets searching for the most beautiful ones. You will find them in the neighborhoods of houses, between Decebal Boulevard and Baba Novac.


Diligentei Street


I don’t know if all the people on this street have an agreement, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is no house on this street without even having a magnolia. You have to come here if you like these flowers, and the pictures below speak for themselves.



They weren’t in full bloom when I visited them, so expect a greater abundance of flowers if you come here in late April, beginning of May.


Levantica & Cercelus Streets


They are the following streets, parallel to Diligentei, going on Dristorului Street towards Baba Novac.


I put them together because, although you will find many magnolias here, Diligentei is the queen in this regard. Instead, on Levantica Street, you will be able to admire a splendid white magnolia.



Soldat Alexandru Magatti Street, at the intersection with Sergent Gheorghe Vartej Street


Here you will discover a gigantic magnolia, which reaches the height of the roof of the house it beautifies.


It is a gorgeous cyclam magnolia, with large branches and an almost perfect crown. You can take pictures at will here, being a small parking lot right next to the magnolia, a parking lot that I often find empty.





Another area of Bucharest is filled with magnolias, but not as many as in Muncii Square. Here are a few streets decorated with these beautiful ornamental trees, and all have the names of famous doctors.



The Cotroceni neighborhood is one of the most beautiful in Bucharest anyway, so the magnolias near Romniceanu Park are just one more reason to get here.


Doctor Dimitrie Drăghiescu Street



Doctor Grigore Romniceanu Street


Doctor Joseph Lister Street



Doctor Louis Pasteur Street



Saint Elefterie Street





I told you at the beginning of the article that there are magnolias in Bucharest already famous on Instagram, and you can find one of them here. On every street in this area, there is at least one magnolia, but there are two extremely well-known.


The magnolia on the Barbu Delavrancea Street


It is a tree protected by law, with an immaculate white and a few pink twigs. This magnolia belongs to the Yulan species.



The magnolia on the Mahatma Gandhi Street


Even more famous than the one on Barbu Delavrancea is the huge pink magnolia on Mahatma Gandhi Street.


Unfortunately, at this moment, the house in the yard is under renovation, so the background is not perfect. But even so, the magnolia here is truly spectacular and delights the eyes of passers-by.


Docentilor Street


If you keep walking on Kiseleff, go to Docentilor Street. You will find here a few magnolias, as well.



Morarilor Park


Did you know that there is a garden full of magnolias in Bucharest? Well, in the Morarilor Park in Pantelimon, you will find over 40 Galaxy magnolias, side by side.



They are not very big, but together they make a garden. And who could refuse to visit a garden full of magnolias, in the middle of a beautiful park? Although there are some very unattractive blocks in the background…



Romana – Armeneasca


Dumbrava Rosie Street, between Icoanei Street and Gheorghe Cantacuzino Square


There are about three magnolias in this area, but the most spectacular is near the Faculty of Chemistry, near Spain Square. It falls into the category of giant magnolias, which reach the roofs of houses, is a pale pink magnolia with bell-shaped flowers.



Towards Gheorghe Cantacuzino Square, you will find two smaller magnolias, one pink Star Wars and one white, from the Yulan species (I think).



Jean Louis Calderon Street


If you were impressed by the magnolia on Mahatma Gandhi, you want to get here as well. You will find the same type of magnolia, just as big, but in duplicate.



Take into account the superb architecture of the building that houses the Hungarian embassy, and we have a complete picture of the authentic Bucharest spring.



C. A. Rosetti Street, intersection with Jean Louis Calderon


Just a few steps away, we find a heaven scent magnolia, which beautifies a renovated historical building. Of all the places presented, I believe that here you will get the most Instagrammable pictures.



Vatra Luminoasa


I will not name streets because I should list far too many. The whole neighborhood of houses between the National Park and the Boulevard Pierre de Coubertin has plenty of magnolias.



Where to find yellow magnolias in Bucharest


For now, yellow magnolias are a rarity in the Bucharest landscape. And if you find them, they are most likely at the stage of very young trees, grown up to two meters at most.



This type of magnolia is called Magnolia Elisabeth or Yellow Bird or even Yellow River. I still can’t find the difference between them.


The only places where I could admire the yellow magnolias are at the intersection of Dristorului and Levantica streets, in the Piata Muncii area, and on Louis Pasteur street in Cotroceni.