Staying at the Green Village Resort in the Danube Delta

I have visited Romania far and wide, especially in recent years, searching for the most beautiful places to see in my home country. I had the Danube Delta on top of my bucket list and only got to see it a week ago. But once I got there, I have to admit the wait was worth it.


I explored a part of the Danube Delta for almost three sunny days, together with some beautiful people. Three days in which I discovered for the first time a unique place in Europe, the youngest and best-preserved land on the old continent.



We stayed at Green Village Resort, a small paradise in Sfantu Gheorghe, just a few minutes’ walk from where the Danube meets the sea, a wonderful place. We left behind the hustle and bustle of the city, and we enjoyed a few days of peace and beauty, a kind of escape in the middle of nature.


I foresee that I will become faithful to these places, like the birds that return to the delta lands every year, especially since Green Village is not just a simple Danube Delta accommodation but a complete experience.


I think it’s the ideal place to choose when thinking of a vacation in the Danube Delta. In this article, I want to tell you about the activities I did here in Sfantu Gheorghe and how easy it is to fall in love with a destination that seems to have it all.


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Why should you visit the Danube Delta?



The Danube Delta is the second-largest delta in Europe and the best preserved globally. A proportion of over 50% of its surface is still untouched by human hands. I find it incredible, mainly since it hosts an impressive biological diversity.


For hundreds of species of fish and birds and thousands of plants, the Danube Delta means home. Over 200 species are protected by law, being in danger of extinction. The red-breasted goose and pygmy cormorants are two good examples.


Imagine a boat ride on the Danube, among the reed, having the opportunity to admire and photograph these beauties. Delta will surely surprise you with something new with each visit, being an inexhaustible source of stunning visuals.



You will definitely want to come back and explore more and more once you get to see the Danube Delta for the first time.


The population of Sfantu Gheorghe is an interesting cultural mix. The diversity of the ethnic groups has left its mark and has influenced traditions, customs, and local gastronomy. Although I only visited Sfantu Gheorghe, and I can’t compare it to other places in the Delta, I felt this small settlement was very welcoming.


So, you have many reasons why you should think about a vacation in the Danube Delta, especially since it’s a unique place in the world.




Staying at the Green Village Resort in the Danube Delta


How to get to the Green Village Resort


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I want to tell you more about the place that was the basis of my short visit to the Danube Delta and which I fell in love with at first sight, but even more so as I discovered it.


But first, you need to know where it is and how you can get there. Because an important detail is that Green Village Resort is accessible only by boat, is located on the edge of Sfantu Gheorghe village, surrounded by waters and vegetation specific to the delta. After all, this is its charm, to know that you are in a place a little more isolated, wild, even exotic, I would say.


So, no matter what transport you choose to get to Tulcea, the final destination must be Murighiol, the Pontoon Star 2000. This is the place of embarkation to Green Village, and from here, you will get on a boat to get to the resort; the same will happen with the luggage. You will receive them at your door. Green Village transports guests to the accommodation, but you can find more about the costs and schedule here.



If you choose to come by car to Murighiol, you should know that you can leave it in the parking lot. The cost for 24 hours is 20 RON. The boat ride from Murighiol to Green Village Resort takes about an hour and is an excellent opportunity to admire the spectacular nature.


If you have Mr. Marcel at the boat wheel, consider yourself lucky. He will tell you about his fishing experiences in the Danube Delta, about the birds and their habits, and satisfy all your curiosities about the Delta and its secrets, because he answers all the questions with great pleasure.



How is the Green Village Resort


The first thing I must say is that the name was chosen very correctly. It looks and is eco-friendly, being built entirely of ecological materials. All the houses and villas in the complex, whether we are talking about restaurants, living spaces, or conference rooms, are covered with reeds, keeping the color of the place but also the natural look. Each corner looks so good that you will want to take many pictures.


It is a picturesque resort with plenty of places to relax, a great escape from daily worries, and a reconnection with nature. I stayed in the Lebada si Pelicanul (Swan and Pelican) area, the largest and most active of the complex. The action takes place here because here there are also the restaurants, a swimming pool, a hammock pavilion, cinemas, and a spa. I know, it already sounds great!



However, there is also Egreta, intended exclusively for adults, where you can enjoy the jacuzzi located right next to the water and reed canals. However, I particularly liked to walk in the third area of the resort, called Starcul Alb.


Here the houses are positioned around a lake that can successfully compete with the lakes in the Japanese gardens, surrounded by lush willows, flowering trees, and a fence of wood trunks. It is an absolute pleasure to listen to the frog concert at night and admire the flowering water lilies on the lake. That, of course, if you get here while they are in bloom.



Green Village Resort is a relatively large complex, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. I like the fact that there are wooden signs everywhere, so you don’t get lost, especially at the beginning, when you are still discovering and trying to learn the division of the complex.


If you still need help, a puppy will guide you. We were accompanied to the beach and through the village not to get lost. The puppy was our guide, doing an excellent job.



Speaking of animals, I have to tell you about the most loyal guest of the resort, a stork that returns to its favorite place in the Danube Delta at the beginning of each. She chose the best place; from here, she directly views the Sfantu Gheorghe arm.


I visited the Green Village in early spring, so I saw the flowering magnolias, but the rest of the vegetation was gradually recovering from the cold winter. However, although not everything was completely green, the landscape captivated me. I can only imagine how wonderful everything looks in the middle of summer.



The rooms at the Green Village Resort


Green Village Resort has 90 rooms located in cottages and villas that give the feeling of an authentic village, combining natural elements with the increased comfort of a four-star resort. Don’t expect a classic concrete hotel because that’s not the case. Green Village Resort has a name that describes precisely the atmosphere of the place. It is an excellent accommodation in the Danube Delta.


I stayed in a double room, very spacious and chic, but they are of several kinds. There are also 2 or 3 room apartments and penthouses. But they all have one thing in common: bamboo furniture, tastefully chosen decor, and fabulous views. And, again, the same natural colors, earth tones that create a beautiful contrast with the green of the plants. It’s Green Village, after all!


Admittedly, given that they are made of wood, there is no sound insulation. So, you will still hear noises from the neighbors staying upstairs. But it didn’t seem like a big deal to me.




You will love the furniture, and you will feel that you are in a villa perched on the hills of the Balinese jungle. It’s just that, stepping outside, you won’t find a waterfall in Ubud and monkeys, but birds, reeds, and water. The pictures below describe what I mean.


As for the facilities, all rooms are equipped with a minibar, air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, and other necessities to enjoy all the comfort in the days spent at Green Village.



The food at the Green Village Resort


Although you are in the Danube Delta and might expect to eat a lot of fish, fish, and fish again, the dishes at Green Village are varied and can satisfy everyone’s tastes. You can dine either indoors or on the terrace, or why not, have a picnic on the lawn overlooking the Danube canals. Yes,


The food is delicious; the chefs do an excellent job. I also really liked the rice with vegetables, and as a dessert, you have to try the cherry cake. It’s a dream! The drinks are plentiful, and the straws are made of paper, respecting the eco-policy of the complex. Big like!



Things to do in and out of the Green Village Resort


I was saying that the Green Village resort in the Danube Delta is not a simple accommodation but an experience because the place offers many options for spending time, both inside and around the resort.


Of course, all this depends on when you choose to visit the Danube Delta, but I will talk about this a little more towards the end of the article. I hope you like it enough to get there 🙂


What you can do inside the Green Village resort:

  • take a dip in the swimming pool overlooking the Sfantu Gheorghe arm or spend relaxing moments in the jacuzzi
  • Visit the organic garden. The fact that the resort has an organic garden where it grows its ingredients for cooking seems a lovely detail.
  • relax on the terrace of your room; all rooms have a terrace overlooking the water, a great place to enjoy your coffee in the quiet of the morning and the sunshine



  • admire the spectacular sunsets while sitting in the hammock; I think this is my favorite place in the resort
  • watch a movie at the resort’s cinemas, either indoors or outdoors
  • participates in the Anonymous Film Festival; this year, it takes place between 8 and 14 August
  • take fishing lessons in the Danube Delta, right on the edge of the pontoon at Green Village Resort
  • for total relaxation, go to the massage and then to the dry sauna



  • keep fit at the gym; sometimes, yoga sessions are organized at sunrise
  • have fun with friends or family at the Entertainment Center, there’s a pool table, a ping pong table, and many other fun games



What activities can you do outside the resort:


  • boat trips on the Danube canals; I dreamed of visiting the Delta and seeing the pelicans, and I succeeded; you will surely be delighted by the boat rides. From my point of view, the Danube Delta tours are the best things to do here
  • Visit the broadest beach in Romania, Sfantu Gheorghe beach, a gorgeous beach with fine sand and many shells. On the way to the beach, you will see some wild horses and a few cows grazing. Do I have to mention where the Danube flows into the Black Sea? You can’t get come here and not visit this spectacular place. Sfantu Gheorghe beach must be included in the list of places to visit in the Danube Delta
  • birdwatching: you have to come prepared with binoculars and the right lens to take pictures of these wonderful. Egrets, pelicans, cormorants, wild ducks, swans, and other graceful and rare birds beautify the delta landscape



  • Explore the village; borrow a bike from the resort and explore the area properly or walk; it’s very close and a pleasant and relaxing walk. The village church is lovely, and you can admire some houses covered with reeds. I wish they invest more in the arrangement of the village and preserve the architectural character; it is an area with a lot of potential and one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Danube Delta.
  • talk to the locals and find out their stories
  • test the local cuisine, especially fish dishes



Is a Green Village holiday in the Danube Delta suitable for you?


If you consider yourself an explorer, eager to discover the beauties of the Danube Delta, a holiday at Green Village Resort will surely suit you because you will want to come back.


From clean air and tranquility to unique experiences, nature, and delicious food, a vacation in the Danube Delta has everything for everyone. In my opinion, Green Village Resort is suitable both for couples, who can even organize a special honeymoon here (I recommend the attic rooms), for families with children (there are several playgrounds for the little ones), but also for groups of friends, family events or even team buildings (the resort has two conference rooms).


In any formula you choose to come here, the positive energy of the place will help you; you will charge your batteries, put a smile on your face, and have a desire to return as soon as possible.




Dolphin Resort, alternative accommodation in Sfantu Gheorghe


Those who want a different vacation, camping with a twist or glamping, can go to Dolphin Resort, just across the road from Green Village. It has 55 bungalow houses, simply furnished but comfortable, with two beds. You also have access to toilets, showers, and a kitchen in the resort.


It is a perfect option for those with a slightly more adventurous spirit and who do not necessarily look for the comfort offered by Green Village. I think it is an ideal place for classroom trips and not only.



How many days should you spend in the Danube Delta?


I consider that a weekend is a minimum to taste a little of everything that this place has to offer and to check at least a few places to visit in the Danube Delta. But, I promise you that you will fall in love and want to explore more, know in detail, observe, admire, and connect with nature here for more extended periods.


From my point of view, you should spend at least four days in the Danube Delta and this period can be extended up to a week or more, depending on the type of activities you will do here. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the Danube Delta, but beyond that, there is the peace of the place, which you can hardly find elsewhere.



What is the best time to visit the Danube Delta?


You can visit the Danube Delta all year round, each season having its charm, although obviously, most prefer the warm season. And it is understandable, especially since it also coincides with the repopulation of the Delta. April-May and June-September are the best times for bird watching, for example.


Spring is less crowded, so you can enjoy more peace and be a witness to nature’s return to life. Trees bloom, and water lilies and lilies appear. Also, it’s not that hot, and the mosquitoes won’t bother you either. From what I understand from people with experience visiting the Delta, they appear for a maximum of one hour, even in summer.



Since I mentioned summer, it’s my favorite season because the whole landscape is green, and the Delta is more lively than ever. Temperatures are also ideal for relaxing by the pool or sitting on the wild beach of Sfantu Gheorghe, with your feet in the fine sand.


Autumn comes with splendid chromatic and beautiful sunsets, which will remain imprinted in your visual memory. Even in winter, you can visit the Danube Delta, and I am convinced that this would be a unique experience. Actually, there are species of birds that can be best observed in winter.



How to stay at the Green Village Resort


If you want a beautiful experience in the Danube Delta, I highly recommend staying at the Green Village Resort. The complex offers services to high standards in a beautiful setting.


Prices differ depending on the season and the type of room. The quality/price ratio is correct, from my perspective. I suggest you book the room directly on the resort’s website here.


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