Fun things to do in Brasov, Romania

There are so many fun things to do in Brasov, the historical city situated in Romania’s center, at the foot of Mount Tampa. According to statistics, Brasov is the most visited city in Romania, and many foreign tourists choose to spend at least 1 day in Brasov when visiting the country.


One of the fun facts about Brasov is that the Teutonic Knights founded the city in 1211. Fortunately, we can still admire the well-preserved medieval architecture, even today.


The narrow and cobbled streets, the colorful houses, and the specific red roofs, all these elements harmoniously combined, are the best of Brasov.






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The Black Church and Tampa Mountain | What to do in Brasov


Although I got the chance to visit Brasov many times, I still discover many places to visit in Brasov and its surroundings. Every time I feel fantastic in this city! From my point of view, Brasov is in the top 3 most beautiful cities in Romania.


So, this article will be like a Brasov travel guide, whether you spend 1 day in Brasov or more. You will read about the best things to do in Brasov, hidden places in Brasov, where to stay when visiting the city, the best day trips from Brasov, what are the best places to eat in Brasov, and the best of Brasov in general.


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Muresenilor Street | Best of Brasov


Fun things to do in Brasov Romania


1. Stay in the historic center of Brasov


The best of Brasov is in the old city center. Therefore, it would be better to look for accommodation in Brasov in this area. There are a lot of guesthouses, Airbnb’s, and hotels in Brasov that certainly satisfy all the desires and budgets allocated for visiting this beautiful city in Transylvania.


I have three suggestions for the best hotels in Brasov, divided according to budget. I want to mention that you can also find cheaper or more expensive hotels in Brasov. Still, the criteria for which I chose these accommodations are the location, the view from the room, the facilities, and how you feel when you stay there.


Therefore, these are the best hotels in Brasov in my opinion:


  • budget: Wood House Republicii  – good location, modern rooms, Wifi, parking
  • mid-range: Safrano Palace  – excellent location, parking, free Wifi, delicious breakfast, city view
  • luxury: Vila Katharina  – great location, Wifi, parking, vintage design, room service, bar




2. Visit the Council Square in Brasov | Fun things to do in Brasov


Piata Sfatului or the Council Square is the main tourist attraction in Brasov. Is undoubtedly among the best places to see in the city, even if you spend only one day in Brasov or more.


Although in the past, more precisely in the Middle Ages, it was a place of public trials and executions, now in the Council Square of Brasov, the atmosphere is entirely different. You can’t miss it when you visit Brasov.


Here you can enjoy your coffee on a terrace while watching the people, and the hundreds of pigeons, or you can admire the architecture of the buildings with pastel-colored facades. At the same time, it is a perfect place to take beautiful photos in Brasov.


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The most notable symbol building is the Council House, built in 1420, the former town hall building, and the current History Museum of Brasov.


A large part of the building was reconditioned after the fire of 1689. In the Council House, you will find an exhibition with over 3000 pieces. You can visit the building every day of the week, except Monday.


Brasov is also one of the most beautiful places in Romania in winter. In Council Square, a Christmas market is organized every year, in the middle of which we can admire a gorgeous Christmas tree.


On one of the facades of the Council House, we can admire the symbol of Brasov, initially a symbol of the Honterus printing house. The panorama of Tampa Mountain in the background adds beauty to this market that shouldn’t be missing from your list of places to visit in Brasov Transylvania.




3. Visit the Black Church, the largest gothic church in Romania



One of the most important places to visit in Brasov is the largest gothic church in Romania, a real architectural piece.

Completed in the 14th century under the name of St. Mary, the church has undergone transformations that have changed its name to the Black Church.


Although more gray than black, the church was named so because of the Great Fire of 1689. Following the unfortunate event, much of the fortress’s buildings were destroyed since they were made of wood.


As a result of the fire, the exterior walls of the church turned dark, so the name remained the Black Church. The Black Church is 65 meters high, making it the tallest Gothic church in the country and one of the tallest in Europe.


Here we also find the largest mechanical musical organ in Romania, with 4000 tubes. The organ can be admired if you visit the church on the inside.



But there are also other records related to this building. The Black Church contains the largest collection of oriental rugs in Europe (110 in number), after Turkey, and the largest bell in Romania, which weighs about 6 tons and is made of bronze.


The church is located in the old town, right next to the Council Square of Brasov. It can be visited daily; the price of a ticket is 15 lei/adult. Children up to 7 years old can visit for free.



4. Admire the view of the city from the White Tower | What to do in Brasov



Opposite Tampa Mountain is Straja Hill, which houses the black and white towers in Brasov, with an essential role in the city’s history. Nowadays, they serve as places from which you can admire the panorama of Brasov.


The White Tower was built in 1494 and has the shape of a closed semicircle with a height of 20 meters. Its diameter is 19 meters. To get to the White Tower, you will have to climb quite a few steps, but it is well worth it. The city looks sensational from here.



5. Don’t miss the Black Tower in Brasov either


The list of places to visit in Brasov also includes the Black Tower, built a little earlier, in 1460. With a height of 11 meters, the Black Tower in Brasov had a role of defense against enemies.


Each tower’s facade has six firing holes, and its color is similar to that of the Black Church. The Black Tower got this shade of gray for the same reason because it was also affected to a large extent by the devastating fire of 1689.


If you’re wondering what to do in Brasov, go visit the collection of weapons. Today, the Black Tower houses a mini collection of weapons, a collection that can be visited every day of the week, except Monday. The connection between the two towers can be made through a path through the forest on Straja hill, one of Brasov’s best places to relax.


Both towers are worth seeing, mainly as they are located at different heights. Thus, they offer different perspectives on the city. From the Black Tower, you can see the entrance to the Black Church, while from the White Tower, you can admire it only from the side.




6. See what the First Romanian School looks like | What to do in Brasov



I admit I didn’t know that the First Romanian School was here when thinking of what to do in Brasov. I found out this when I prepared my list of places to visit in Brasov.


The school first opened in 1495, but the building was rebuilt in 1760. Today, the school building is a museum. You can visit it for 20 lei/person.


The first textbook, the first Romanian Bible, the first grammar, the first dictionary, and in general, the first documents related to the Romanian language are here. The interior is fascinating as well.


In addition to the old books that you can see here, you can even see what a classroom used to be like, with benches, writing desks, and even counters, and in an adjoining room, there is the first writing press. This impressive machine-printed 39 volumes.


If you have kids, you can bring them here. The First Romanian School is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Brasov with kids.



7. Visit Saint Nicholas Church



The list of unusual things to do in Brasov also includes the beautiful Saint Nicholas church, completed in 1495. You can visit it with the First Romanian School since they share the same courtyard. It’s one of the most beautiful hidden places in Brasov.


Although originally completed in 1495 in Gothic style, the church has changed throughout history, and later Baroque elements were added. Thus, it resulted in a hard to forget construction and easy to spot in the city landscape.


It’s an important monument for the Schei neighborhood, given that the entire settlement concentrated around it. St. Nicholas Church in Brasov is also visible from Mount Tampa.




8. Go on top of Tampa Mountain by cable car



My favorite part when visiting a city is finding a tall building or a mountain, which I can climb to admire the city from above. I didn’t go up on the tallest building in Brasov, but I went up on the Tampa Mountain by cable car.


The ascent to Tampa from Brasov by cable car costs 18 lei round trip. One way lasts about 2 minutes. Mount Tampa is one of the best places to take pictures because it offers the best sightseeing in Brasov.


It’s so lovely to see the city getting smaller and smaller as you grow in altitude. You can also choose to go only one way by cable car. In this case, the ticket will cost you 10 lei. Admittedly, the alleys and trails in Tampa are perfect for nature walks in Brasov.



There are a few observation points up on the mountain, and I went to 3 of them. On the last one, I admired the entire Schei neighborhood. The panorama is splendid! It’s definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Brasov.



It’s worth going behind the letters that make up the word Brasov in Hollywood style, giant letters… each letter measures six meters high. Next to them is another observation point that you shouldn’t miss because it offers a beautiful view of Brasov.



From my point of view, you cannot visit Brasov without going up to Tampa. However, I do not recommend this activity on a cloudy day. You will have the ideal view only on a clear day, exactly when the sun is above the city.



Mount Tampa is at the top of the preferences of everyone looking for fun things to do in Brasov. I recommend getting there when the snow falls over the city, and the landscape is covered with a white layer, thus becoming one of the best things to do in Brasov during winter.




9. Visit the Gate of Catherine



With a unique and different architecture and its four towers placed in a square shape, Catherine’s Gate is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Brasov.


Completed in 1559, the gate served as the entrance to the fortress and took its name from a monastery that was once there. The four towers represent a symbol called Jus Gladii. It offered the right to apply the death penalty in medieval Brasov.


The building is one of the very few buildings in the city that have kept its original appearance. Next to the gate, today is a park with benches, trees, and wooden sculptures depicting animals.




10. Go through the Schei Gate



In the same area as Catherine’s Gate is the Schei Gate, built in the early 19th century to streamline traffic. It has a space for vehicles and two for pedestrians and is built in the Baroque style.


In the past, the Schei Gate was the only access point for the Romanians from Schei to the Saxon fortress. Today, Schei is a beautiful and quiet neighborhood, with tiny houses and wooden gates, built on the hills below Tampa, with chic and narrow streets.


In this beautiful district of Brasov, there is also the Church of Saint Nicholas, the First Romanian School, Unirii Square, and one of the best schools in Romania today, Andrei Saguna National College. You can have a beautiful view of the Schei neighborhood from Mount Tampa.




11. Find out more about the bastions in Brasov


The most apparent evidence of the fortress surrounding the city and at the same time among the best places to see in Brasov are the bastions. Fortunately, some of them remain today, even very well preserved.


On the way to the cable car at the foot of Mount Tampa, for example, you can see the Tesatorilor Bastion, the Funarilor Bastion, and the Postavarilor Bastion, as well as some of the walls.


Of these, the best preserved is the Tesatorilor Bastion, which you can admire in the image below.




12. Cross the Rope Street, the narrowest street in Romania



This one is a unique street. Rope Street ( Strada Sforii) is considered the narrowest street in Romania and 3rd place in Europe, after Spreuerhofstraße, in Germany, and Parliament Street, in England.


Although it has no address written on it, which is essential to be considered a street in Romania, Rope Street has remained the street’s name because it was written on the old maps of the city from the 17th century.


The width of the famous street has a lot to do with the devastating fire of 1689. Rumors say that it was built to fit precisely one firefighter with two buckets of water through it.


Specifically, the width varies between 111 and 135 cm, and the length is 80 m. The street is painted in three pastel colors and is among the most beautiful places to visit Brasov, especially since it directly views Mount Tampa.



13. Admire the Neolog Synagogue of Brasov



Also in the old center, among the places you can visit in Brasov, is the Neolog Synagogue. Located between Rope Street and Schei Gate, the Neolog Synagogue was completed between 1899 and 1901 in a neo-Gothic style with Moorish accents.


The Jewish cult is practically a basilica with three naves, an imposing and beautiful building that deserves to be included in your Brasov itinerary. The largest synagogue in Europe, more precisely in Budapest, inspired the architect.





14. Graft Bastion and Dupa Ziduri Street



One of the most fun things to do in Brasov is to walk on Dupa Ziduri Street and, implicitly, to visit Graft Bastion. As the name Dupa Ziduri Street (Behind the walls street) tells it, it runs along the walls of the fortress and makes the connection between urban and nature. It’s one of the best hidden places in Brasov.


You have to get here next time you visit Brasov if you haven’t already. The brook, the dense forest, the ivy lying on the trees, and the birds chirping are the perfect ingredients for a perfect day in Brasov. And you don’t have to stray too far from the hustle and bustle of the city because Dupa Ziduri Street is only a few minutes walk from Piata Sfatului (The Council Square).


Above the street rises the Graft Bastion, one of the few remaining bastions. Finished in 1521, the Graft Bastion served as a link between the fortress and the White Tower. It’s also known as the Gate Bastion, the reason being obvious. It looks like a gate.



15. Explore the streets on a private tour


Hard to say which is the most beautiful street in Brasov. A walking tour downtown is an absolute delight, especially as each of them offers beautiful buildings and great views of Tampa Mountain.


If we talk about the atmosphere, probably the most vibrant street in Brasov is Republicii, with the most cafes, restaurants, and shops in the old center. Even the animators appear on Republicii Street, especially after sunset. But Michael Weiss or Strada Muresenilor seem just as beautiful to me.


In any case, an architectural tour of Brasov, in which to discover the history of the most important buildings and the stories of the most beautiful streets is one of the activities to be put on the list.


book a 3-hour walking tour in Brasov




Everything you need to know before visiting Brasov


How to get to Brasov Romania?


Since it’s almost in the country’s middle, it is pretty easy to get to Brasov.
The closest airports to Brasov are the ones in Sibiu and Bucharest. If you come from Bucharest by car, the road takes about 2-3 hours. But it can last much longer during the winter or summer holidays when Brasov abounds in tourists.


It also takes 3 hours to travel by train from Bucharest to Brasov. The price of a ticket starts from 24 lei, and you can choose between CFR and Regio Calatori companies. You can find more details on their websites. From Brasov train station you get very quickly to the old center by bus no. 4. The price of a trip is 2.5 lei, and you can buy tickets at the counters in front of the train station.


Another option would be a one-day private tour that includes visiting Peles and Bran castles and a few hours in Brasov. Such a tour is perfect if your time is limited, but you want to check the most beautiful places to visit in Brasov.



How many days do you need in Brasov?


The time for a visit depends a lot on what you want to see in Brasov. You can visit the city in one day, but that means discovering a tiny part of it, a part that will surely make you come back at some point.


Two days in Brasov is an acceptable duration, but I consider that three days is the minimum you need to enjoy the city and check all the fun things to do in Brasov. You can choose to spend even more time, mainly if you include some things to do around Brasov in your itinerary.




How to get around in Brasov?


If you choose to stay in the old center, you don’t need any means of transport because the main places to visit in Brasov are minutes away.


Instead, if you live in a more remote area, you can choose to travel by bus or taxi or ride-sharing applications. Bolt and Uber work very well in Brasov.


Best places to eat in Brasov


The mountain air in Brasov will make you hungry, as you would say. And the long walks on the streets of the old center will have their say. Fortunately, plenty of restaurants in Brasov Romania prepares delicious dishes. Here are my recommendations for the best places to eat in Brasov:


  • Sub Tampa – Located in the middle of nature, right at the base of the massif, as the name suggests, the restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and more sophisticated but delicious dishes. Prices are average, but booking at least one day in advance is mandatory, as Sub Tampa is one of Brasov’s most sought-after restaurants.
  • Dei Frati –You have to get here to try homemade pasta. They are divine!
  • La Ceaun – If you are looking for traditional Romanian food, La Ceaun is the answer. Brasov has two La Ceaun restaurants, one located right in Sfatului Square and one on Michael Weiss Street.
  • Brasserie Luther – Also located in Piata Sfatului, one of the best restaurants in Brasov, the decor is magical. It is the perfect restaurant to serve lunch while studying the hustle and bustle of Council Square. The food is delicious and the prices are more than decent.


Don’t neglect the sweets when you visit Brasov. You have to try at least one pancake from Clatita uriasa on Muresenilor Street, a Bubble Waffle, and ice cream from Gelato Mania. Oh, and let’s not forget Kurtos Kalaks. Sit in line at Republic and Michael Weiss’s intersection and thank me later.



Best time to visit Brasov – weather in Brasov


Brasov is the kind of beautiful destination regardless of the season you choose to visit. Nothing compares to the walks made in the spring on the green alleys of the city; in summer, the temperatures allow even more movement; during the autumn, the city acquires beautiful colors, and in winter, it wears festive clothes.


Although I must mention, the temperatures drop quite a lot in winter, more than in Bucharest; so you need to make sure you have thick clothes and are ready to face the cold outside. Also, in winter, the Christmas market is the ideal occasion to warm up with a cup of mulled wine, next to the decorated Christmas tree in Sfatului Square.



Best places to visit near Brasov



Being located centrally and close to many beautiful places in Romania, you can make a few day trips from Brasov. I will not list them all because they would be too long, but I will mention some of the most popular.


Bran Castle


The first on the list of places to visit near Brasov that you should not miss is Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle, as it is known especially among foreigners. Located just 30 km from the city, Bran Castle is the perfect destination for day trips around Brasov.


A bus ride from Brasov to Bran starts at 7 lei each way and should take a maximum of one hour. If you don’t want to travel using this option, you can also use a taxi. If you come to Bran, visit the village museum right next to the castle and taste the langos, a desert sold at the entrance.


Bran Castle is open for visits every day, and the price of a ticket is 45 lei/adult.


book a one-day trip to Bran Castle, Peles Castle and Rasnov Citadel




Poiana Brasov


The most famous mountain resort in the country is located just 12 km from Brasov. Poiana Brasov has around 9 ski slopes, so you have many choices.


The resort is located at an altitude of 1030 meters, so it becomes a perfect place for a day trip around Brasov in summer, which involves hiking in nature and fresh mountain air. There are many things to do in Poiana Brasov.



Sinaia and Peles Castle


From my point of view, Sinaia is perhaps the most beautiful mountain resort in the country. The star of the place is, without a doubt, Peles Castle, the former summer residence of the royal family and a beautiful building, appreciated by tourists worldwide. Peles, Bran and Cantacuzino are the most beautiful castles near Brasov Romania.


Also, in Sinaia, you have to climb the mountain with the gondola, at an altitude of 2000. The landscape will leave you speechless, regardless of the season. Sinaia is only an hour away by train, so is one of the best things to do near Brasov.



Busteni and Cantacuzino Castle


Since you are going to Sinaia, stop two train stops earlier, in Busteni. Here an incredible landscape awaits you, with the peaks of the Bucegi Mountains in the background, mountains that you will admire best from Cantacuzino Castle.


It is one of the most beautiful places near Brasov, and you will surely enjoy having a coffee on the terrace with this splendid panorama of the mountains. If you have more time, you can go on a short trip to the Sphinx of Bucegi and to Babele.



Rasnov Citadel


You will pass by Rasnov Fortress on the way to Bran, perched on a rocky peak. It was built in the 17th century and is a medieval fortress built by the Teutonic Knights, with the role of defense against invasions.


Rasnov Fortress is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Transylvania and is also known as the Peasant Fortress.





If I were to make a list of the most beautiful and picturesque roads in Romania, Transbucegi would undoubtedly make its place in the top 3. The winding road in the Bucegi Mountains is of rare beauty and has a lot of attractions.


Although it does not stretch for many kilometers, there are many places worth visiting on Transbucegi. The favorites are; Bolboci Lake, Ialomicioarei Cave, Sapte Izvoare Waterfall, Podu ‘cu Florile route, and Scropoasa Lake.


You may need more than one day to enjoy it entirely, but it is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Brasov.



Other places to visit near Brasov: 

  • Viscri Village
  • Amfiteatrul Transilvaniei (Transylvanian Amphitheater)
  • Zarnesti
  • Prejmer Village
  • Rupea Citadel
  • Predeal
  • Pestera Village
  • Canyon 7 stairs
  • Ursitelor Temple