Bali 3 week itinerary – the best Bali travel guide

This Bali-3-week itinerary will comprehensively explore the “Island of the Gods,” featuring ancient temples, rice terraces, gorgeous waterfalls, and vibrant markets.   By following this guide, you will discover the rich Balinese culture, stunning landscapes, and tranquil beaches; Bali is and will ever be a dream come true!   Spending a month in Bali each […]

26 Best Christmas Markets in Europe in 2023

Choosing the best Christmas markets in Europe in 2023 could be difficult since many Christmas cities are on the old continent. Almost every big city has a fair dedicated to winter holidays, and each one is special.   These are places where the magic of Christmas is more vital than anywhere and where people of […]

What to do in Vienna in one day

     Whether you are here on a cruise on the Danube, whether you have a long layover between two flights or you’re on a road trip through Europe, like in my case, you have to know that Vienna, although impressive and very offering, can be “tasted” if you only have a day at your […]

Things to do in Gura Humorului, Romania

I knew about Bucovina that it’s one of the most picturesque regions in Romania, but the last time I visited was two decades ago, on a class trip. My memories faded with the passing of the years, but I surely remember that I liked it a lot even then.   This time I visited only […]

Cote d’Azur holiday – French Riviera road trip

Cote d’Azur stretches along the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the French Alps, bordering Italy. Known for its dreamy landscapes, which combine the sea with rocky hills, but especially for its richness, elegance, opulence, and luxury, Cote d’Azur is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.   Few know, but the name […]

1 Day in Dubai

Whether you have a layover or want to spend 1 day in Dubai, the wealthy city of the United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer, even if you only stay 24 hours.   Although luxury, opulence, and technology are the words that best describe the modern metropolis, you can have one day in Dubai […]

Best things to do in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Ever since I came back from my last visit to Saudi Arabia, I have wanted to talk about the best things to do in Al Ula, the place that impressed me the most there.    Until 2019, there were no tourism visas for Saudi Arabia. And then, a little later, we all know what happened […]

What to wear on safari – 5 safari outfits for ladies

One of the biggest challenges I had when visiting Tanzania was choosing what to wear on safari. Although I had been on safari in Sri Lanka, it doesn’t compare to the 5 days of adventure through the Serengeti and other fascinating places on the African continent.   Every woman thinks about fashionable safari clothes to […]

TOP 10 things to do in Chicago

Even if you’ve been there a few times, there are still plenty of things to do in Chicago. It’s the type of city where things are continuously changing, and something new is always coming up.Also, Chicago is about listening to the waves while gazing up at the skyscrapers. What could be greater than that?   […]

Everything you need to know before going on safari in Tanzania

I recently returned from Tanzania, a country I didn’t necessarily have on the bucket list, but which surprised me very much, mainly due to the five-day safari experience. I’ve been on a safari in Yala Park in Sri Lanka, but it doesn’t compare.     I activated my adventurous spirit in a safari through the […]