The best Christmas Markets in the USA in 2023

Nothing can introduce you better to the winter holidays atmosphere this year than a visit to the best Christmas Markets in the USA in 2023.   So, I decided to write this article with the help of 7 travel bloggers. Each one will recommend their favorite Christmas markets in the United States.   There are […]

Best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar depends on several factors, especially what you want to do there. The weather in Zanzibar has a hard word to say in making the decision. It also matters a lot if you want to visit the island as a package with a safari on the mainland, where you can […]

Things to do in Maramures Romania

There are many places to visit in Maramures, one of the few areas with authentic rural life in Romania. Maramures means old traditions still preserved with sanctity for centuries, dreamlike landscapes with vast meadows, pastures of flocks of sheep, evergreen fir forests, majestic ridges, and rivers with crystal clear crystal clear water, but also wood, […]

Bali Orchid Garden – why to visit

  Bali‘s tropical climate is ideal for the harmonious evolution of some of the most beautiful and appreciated flowers and orchids, and the Bali orchid garden is the best example. Balinese people opened a garden dedicated to these gracious plants on the island’s east side.    It’s situated approximately 10 minutes drive from Sanur beach, so I […]

14 Day Turkey itinerary

   The most exciting way to explore a destination is through a road trip. You can stop anywhere and enjoy the landscapes on the road between the two places of the planned itinerary.    Turkey is the ideal country for such a trip. It offers a variety of relief, cultures, traditions, and views that will cut […]

USA West Coast itinerary 2 weeks

The USA is a highly diverse country; the north doesn’t look like the south, and the landscape changes entirely from east to west. The same happens if you follow this USA West Coast itinerary for 2 weeks, a coast that, from my point of view, has so much to offer.   Although an extended vacation […]

Best places to admire wisteria in Bucharest

In the article about the streets with the most beautiful magnolias in Bucharest, I wondered if the city is the most beautiful during another period than the one in which they bloom. I don’t know if it’s as beautiful, but I love it almost as much when glycine blooms, also known as wisteria.   What […]

Best places to visit in Busteni, Romania

Located at an altitude of 850 meters, Busteni is one of Romania’s most famous mountain resorts. The main reasons people choose to come here are the breathtaking scenery and its many leisure options. You only need a weekend or two, three days to discover the most beautiful places to visit in Busteni.   The resort […]

Visiting Al Qarah Mountain in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Visiting Al Qarah Mountain in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, was one of the first things I added to my Saudi itinerary. The reasons are pretty simple: it’s relatively close to Dammam, where I landed, and it is a spectacular place that should not be missing from your trip to Saudi Arabia.    The Al Qarah […]

10 amazing things to do in Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue city

Even though it’s a relatively small settlement, there are quite a few amazing things to do in Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue city. Located in the Rif Mountains, in the northwestern part of the country, this small town of Morocco stands out due to its intense shades of blue.   Chefchaouen was founded in 1471 by Jews […]