Things to do in NYC at Christmas

   There are so many amazing things to do in NYC at Christmas! Therefore, if I had to choose one city in the world to spend Christmas every year, it would definitely be New York City. I wanted to visit the American metropolis during the winter holidays since I was a child. Yes, Kevin is […]

16 Best Beaches in Palawan Philippines

Making a top of the best beaches in Palawan is a challenging task, and this is why. The Philippines has over 7,000 islands; over 1,700 are part of the Palawan archipelago, and each has at least one beach.   Palawan, along with Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol, is among the most sought-after by tourists for the […]

Day trips in Virginia

Known under several representative names, such as the Mother of Presidents or the Old Dominion, Virginia is a beautiful American state on the East Coast, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.   Although it’s one of the smallest states, 37th out of 50, there are many great ideas for day trips in Virginia. […]

Top things to do in Barcelona in 2 days

I believe that Barcelona can successfully compete for the title of the best destination for a city break in Europe.   Especially given the fact that the capital of Catalonia occupies a fourth place on the podium of the most visited cities on the old continent.   The ideal getaway on the east of Spain […]

10 Accessible views of Rio de Janeiro

Although a helicopter ride above the city would be nice, there are many accessible views of Rio de Janeiro on foot. The city on the east coast of Brazil can be seen and admired from above, from several places.   Rio de Janeiro is blessed with spectacular relief, scattered mountain peaks, long white beaches, and […]

Top 10 romantic activities for couples in Miami

Miami is not just about the beach, clubs, and shopping. The city offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities for tourists who spend a few days here.   The city of Miami is visited mainly by couples and is often chosen as a honeymoon destination. I’m not surprised by this, considering there are […]

Where to find the most beautiful magnolias in Bucharest

These days, I wandered around Bucharest in search of the most beautiful magnolias. Is there any other time when the city is more beautiful than when the magnolias are in full bloom?     I am lucky to live close to one of the streets that will appear in this article, but I wanted to […]