16 Best Beaches in Palawan Philippines

Making a top of the best beaches in Palawan is a challenging task, and this is why. The Philippines has over 7,000 islands; over 1,700 are part of the Palawan archipelago, and each has at least one beach.


Palawan, along with Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol, is among the most sought-after by tourists for the beauty of the beaches and the sea color.


Dotted with limestone rock formations, tall palm trees, white sand, favorable temperatures, hidden lagoons, turquoise water, and smiling locals, Palawan has often been named the most beautiful island in the world. And I can’t contradict that, especially after my three weeks in Palawan.


Palawan has an area of approximately 17,000 square kilometers, and the capital is Puerto Princesa. One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World is near this locality: the Underground River.


But this article is dedicated to the most beautiful beaches in Palawan Philippines, although it is challenging to make a top when you have countless options of paradisiacal beaches.


Contrary to expectations, if you don’t consider the cost of plane tickets, Palawan is an affordable destination. Here you can find accommodation at reasonable prices, food, and activities that won’t damage your budget. So, these are the 16 best beaches in Palawan:




16 Best Beaches in Palawan


16. Luli Island Beach


You can visit Luli Island as part of the Honda Bay tour. The island is famous for its sand bar and the very shallow water around it. Sometimes, it even gets lost under the waves, so it’s not mentioned on the map of the islands of Palawan.


Also, on Luli Island, you can find a mangrove forest and many starfish that come close to the shore. The beach is beautiful, but don’t expect the finest sand and the most crystalline water. There are some more beautiful beaches in Puerto Princesa.


Book the tour that takes you to Luli Island



15. El Nido Bay beach


El Nido Bay beach is near the city and where most tours depart from El Nido to the surrounding smaller islands. It’s also the place where you will find most restaurants and accommodations. So, El Nido Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in El Nido if you’re not looking for privacy.


If you want to enjoy this beach without too many people around (or not with very many), avoid the times when they leave and return from tours, i.e., in the morning and around 4-5 after dinner.


Where to stay in El Nido:


  • budget: Zhaya’s Beach & Cottages– on the beach, breakfast included
  • mid-range: Hidden of Cailan Inn– beautiful view, the beach nearby, spacious rooms
  • luxury: The Funny Lion – El Nido– luxurious rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, room service, private beach



14. Banana Island – Coron | Best beaches in Palawan


Also known as Dicalabuan Island, Banana Island bears this nickname due to the island’s shape, which seems to resemble the much-loved fruit. In general, you get here on an island tour, along with Bulog Dog and Malcapuya Islands, both included in this top.


I like that it has a beautiful beach, meadows with grass and palm trees, and swings and hammocks to relax on while admiring the scenery.


Book here the tour that takes you to Banana Island


Where to stay in Coron:


  • budget: Divine Castle Travelers Inn– good location, free parking
  • mid-range: Coron Hilltop View Resort– swimming pool, bar, spacious rooms
  • luxury: The Funny Lion– swimming pool, free parking, spa, delicious breakfast included


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13. Sabang Beach in Puerto Princesa


It’s the first beach I came into contact with when I visited Palawan and fell in love. It’s a long and wide beach where both tourists and locals walk.


The landscape is wild, and palm trees and hills surround the beach. Tours to the Subterranean River from Puerto Princesa also depart from here.


Book the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour here


Where to stay in Puerto Princesa:


  • budget: Julieta’s Pension House – breakfast included, free Wifi
  • mid-range: Summer Days –good location, close to the beach, delicious breakfast, free Wifi, parking included
  • luxury: Balai Princesa – spa, breakfast, Wifi, and parking included, rooms with a unique design



12. Beach on the Bulog Dos Island – Coron


It’s a small island near Coron, but with a significant impact. The water is clear and turquoise, and the island also has some trees with red flowers that contrast beautifully with the color of the water.


The island’s main attraction is the sand bar, where you can walk and see starfish most of the time and many species of fish and corals. In the immediate vicinity is one of the most luxurious resorts in Coron: Two Seasons Coron Island Resort.


Book here the tour that takes you to Bulog Dos Island



11. Merimegmeg Beach | Beaches in Palawan Philippines


Merimegmeg Beach is located very close to Corong Corong but also Las Cabanas. I could say that it’s about halfway between them, and all three are some of the best beaches in El Nido.


You have to get here near the sunset because it’s a perfect place to admire it and because after dark, the nightlife on Merimegmeg beach is very active, with bars, music and lots of fun.



10. Corong Corong – El Nido


I knew it well when I lived on Corong Corong beach for a few days. Our room was only 10 meters from the water, and the mornings involved walks on the sand washed by the waves.


There are many places to stay here, but also restaurants with a terrace on the beach. It’s the perfect place to stay in Palawan, especially if you are looking for fun and proximity to the beach.


The water is not the most beautiful that you can find in the Philippines. However, it still manages to get a place at the top of the best Palawan beaches because there is no poor quality ocean water in the Philippines, only crystalline and very crystalline.


This beach is also famous among the locals, especially since some of them live in the area, and you will have the opportunity to interact if you are open to getting to know other cultures.



9. Nacpan Beach | Best beaches in El Nido


Nacpan Beach is said to be the best beach in El Nido Palawan, at least on the mainland side of the archipelago. I don’t necessarily agree with this ranking, but I give it credit for everything it offers and a well-deserved place in my top of the most beautiful beaches in Palawan.


It is located approximately 45 minutes from El Nido, and you can get here by scooter or tuk-tuk. I recommend the first option, the one with the scooter, because, on the way to Nacpan, you will travel a fascinating route with open villages, rice plantations, and even some gorgeous waterfalls.


Right next to Nacpan Beach is its twin sister, Calitang Beach. Overall, the scenery is worth the effort and the distance traveled, so don’t miss it when you get to Palawan. Since it is still far from El Nido, some tourists stay on Nacpan Beach for a few nights. A splendid resort where you can stay here is Nacpan Beach Glamping.


Book the transfer to Nacpan Beach



8. Shimizu Island El Nido | Best beaches in Palawan Philippines


Looking at this picture, you can understand why visiting this beach on Shimizu Island is worth it. The relief is incredible, with those dramatic limestone cliffs and the crystal-clear, splendid turquoise water.


You don’t need scuba diving equipment; you can see the fish without any problem, and the water is about that clear. But to get here, you must purchase a tour, one of the four available for El Nido. It’s worth all the money, considering you’ll spend a whole day exploring fairytale landscapes and having lunch with many exotic fruits and fish.


Book the tour to Shimizu Island here




7. Secret Lagoon beach


To get here, you have to buy tour A from El Nido. You should know that there are four tours in total, rated from A to D. Tour A is the best-rated among them, but they are all definitely worth it because the prices are very affordable for everything these tours offer you.


The boat will leave you quite far from the shore, and the bottom of the water has some stones that can hurt and scratch you. So, before coming here, make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.


The beach is surrounded by spectacular rocks that define the relief of Palawan, but it also has a few scattered palm trees and lush vegetation.


Book tour A that takes you to Secret Lagoon here



6. Las Cabanas in El Nido | Best beaches in Palawan


We arrived at the most famous beach in El Nido and one of the most crowded. Several bars and hammocks here capture any traveler and make him want to stay on Las Cabanas beach for longer.


It is located approximately 15 minutes from the city, but this distance is shorter if you choose accommodation nearby. Near Las Cabanas beach, there is also the famous zipline in El Nido, which you must try. Pure adrenaline and unforgettable memories are guaranteed.


The name Las Cabanas comes from a resort located here.




5. Atwayan Beach – Coron


A splendid beach that, surprisingly, I don’t see mentioned too often in the top of the best beaches in Palawan. The name comes from the tuay shells found everywhere on this beach.


Atwayan Beach is included in the tours in Coron, and you usually have lunch here because it has some perfect cabins for that.


If you have the opportunity, rent a private boat and spend a whole day here, although it is not the best option if you want a beach just for yourself.


Book here the tour that takes you to Atwayan beach



4. The beach on the Cowrie Island


Its strange name comes from a marine mollusk. Although it’s a small island, there is a restaurant, umbrellas, sunbeds, toilets, and some of the most beautiful palm trees I have seen. Of course, with an incredible beach.


It is my favorite island among those I visited in Honda Bay, near Puerto Princesa. It’s one of the most developed uninhabited islands in Palawan, and this is because the area and size allow this.


Besides sitting on the beach, you can do a lot of activities on Cowrie Island, from banana rides or jet skis to massages or volleyball games.


Book here the tour that includes the visit to Cowrie Island


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3. Long Beach San Vicente


Not many people arrive in San Vicente when they visit Palawan, but I fell in love with the town, this accommodation, and especially the beach.


It’s officially the longest beach in the Philippines, with a length of over 10 km, approximately 15, and looks sensational. The beach is so big that it stretches along four villages: San Isidro, New Agutaya, Alimanguan, and Poblacion.


Its length guarantees you all the privacy in the world and wild landscapes, being almost entirely unaltered by man’s hand.


Where to in San Vicente:

  • budget:  Palayan Paradise Huts  –bungalow-type houses in nature, a beautiful view
  • mid-range: Ausan Beach Front Cottages –accommodation on the beach, bar
  • luxury: Foxy’s Beach Resort –private beach, breakfast included, swimming pool




2. 7 Commandos Beach – El Nido | Best Palawan beaches


It’s not for nothing that I put this beach in the 2nd place on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Palawan. It is lovely, with many palm trees, white sand, cottages, intense turquoise water, and dramatic rocks that you can admire out to sea directly from the beach.


It’s a beach accessible only by boat, and you generally get here especially on a tour of the islands, although you can also come on your own if you rent a boat. The strange name of this beach came from an incident from the Second World War when seven soldiers were stranded on this island.


The beach is 320 meters long and is also famous for its calm water most of the time, with pretty small waves. It’s also an excellent area for scuba diving, like most places in Palawan.


Book here the tour that includes the visit to 7 Commandos Beach



1. Malcapuya beach Coron


It’s in first place in my list of the most beautiful beaches in Palawan, and this is because here I saw the most beautiful color of the water, but also excellent sand.


The marine life around Malcapuya Island is abundant, which means it’s the ideal place for scuba diving.


Indeed, the only disadvantage is that it’s a little more challenging to reach Malcapuya, located approximately 1 km from the island of Coron.


Book here the tour that takes you to the most beautiful beach in Palawan, Malcapuya



Things to know before visiting Palawan


How much time do you need to visit Palawan?


The archipelago is vast and has a lot of beautiful places and top beaches.


You need at least two weeks in Palawan to enjoy everything it offers. Still, I recommend a 3-week itinerary in Palawan if you want to discover it in its entirety and if you want to reach the most beautiful beaches in Palawan.


What is the best time to visit Palawan?


Palawan’s climate is divided into dry and wet seasons. The dry season is from November to May, and the warmest months are March and April. The first is recommended for a vacation in Palawan because you will have several sunny days.


Avoid the June-September period if you don’t want to experience daily rain. But this season also has a good side: it’s less crowded, and prices can be lower by up to 50%.


It also depends on your area because the weather can differ significantly. In the hottest period of the year, temperatures do not exceed 35 degrees Celsius; in the coldest, they do not drop below 20.


What are the best areas to stay in Palawan?


Deciding which is the best area to stay in Palawan is tough. Anyway, the archipelago is so extensive and the distances so long that I recommend having accommodation in different areas.


For example, from El Nido to Coron, you will have to take a ferry for about 4 hours, and from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, you have to travel a distance of 260 km.


Therefore, I recommend taking at least three accommodations to cover all the beaches presented in the article: Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido.


What is the proper budget for Palawan?


Apart from the cost of plane tickets, which can differ significantly depending on where you fly from and the time of year, the budget for a couple visiting Palawan for three weeks should be around $3000 – $4000.


This includes the price of accommodation, island tours, and all meals. You can undoubtedly visit Palawan with a lower budget and a much higher one. Still, the displayed amount represents the visit in the best possible conditions and with included activities.