Beautiful hotel in Cappadocia – Sofa Hotel Review

    Those who follow me on Instagram, already know my first impressions about the hotel where we stayed in Cappadocia. It’s about the Sofa Hotel, a boutique hotel located in Avanos, as you cross the longest river in Turkey.


Here we spent two nights and two great days, and the unique style of the hotel contributed a lot to my overall impression.


    Although I’ve carefully studied it in photos before physically arriving there, and I already had very high expectations, even these were overtaken. Sofa Hotel is the place that impressed me most, not only when it comes to Turkey, but all the places I have visited so far.


It’s more than a hotel. During your stay, if you have the curiosity to discover it, you will feel like you are in a medieval castle and you have been teleported back in time.


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   The hotel


    The exterior of the hotel looks promising and gives you a clue that you have made the right choice. Once you cross the threshold, you will step into a charming space.


You will first discover the lobby that perfectly complements the decor and fits perfectly into the landscape. Coming into an interior courtyard full of details. Many plants, many colors, artifacts, terraces, fruit trees, statues, and nice setups for sitting.


    From the first moments, I felt like I was in a welcoming home, not in a sober hotel. This is probably thanks to the fact that it represents a family business and it used to be a historic villa, later restored. The attention to detail is so obvious.


     Each space is decorated with taste and looks very authentic. During my visit, I spent a few hours just taking photos and trying to capture each charming corner.


I was impressed by the collection of antiques, the old cameras hanging on the walls, instruments for singing, ceramic pots made in Avanos, colorful doors and everything else surrounding me.


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    It is definitely a museum-like hotel, and I consider it a tourist attraction on its own when it comes to visiting Cappadocia. The unique style in which it is decorated will impress anyone. It’s the kind of hotel you either admire or you don’t like, but I tend to think that only the first option is valid.


    Although I stayed in a ground-floor room with an exit to the inner courtyard, I wanted to discover the hotel completely. So my feet walked a few miles along the alleys, stairs, terraces, and even inside the grotto.


The hotel has its own grotto, but also some cellars where you can discover a myriad of mysterious objects. It’s like a labyrinth in which a surprise is expected with every room it reveals. More you can see in pictures.


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   The rooms:

    Each room at the Sofa Hotel is decorated in the typical Cappadocian style, with great emphasis on details. Each room is totally different from the rest of the rooms and features authentic furnishings.


There are three types of rooms: a family room, a comfortable room, and a standard room. However, but for a perfect experience, I recommend one of the comfortable rooms. You can see each room on the website to make sure you make the right choice.


    Some of them also have a balcony or terrace overlooking the surrounding landscape, while others have an extra room, a large, cool living room dug in the rock. We stayed in one of the rooms on the ground floor, the one called Saratli, which is part of the comfortable rooms.


Our room, as well as the rest, is the kind of room specific to the Cappadocia area, with walls and ceilings dug in the rock, with traditional Turkish carpets and curtains, chests, ceramic pots and all sorts of decorative objects.


    The only space that has modern décor is the bathroom. Even so, it compensates for the great size and comfort offered. Also, the chosen colors are in shades of the earth.


So as not to create a very large contrast to the bedroom and the living room. I felt great in the immense room and in the fascinating and unique setting of the hotel.


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    Another thing that impressed me was the wide and varied range of breakfast options. We could choose from an enormous selection of foods, from olives of various types, bakery products, cheese, fruit, salami, to halva, baklava, sauces, chocolate, jams, dried fruits, and boiled eggs.


     In both mornings the products were very fresh and impeccably arranged. So you can serve yourself without any problems and enjoy a hearty breakfast surrounded by wonderful plants and lovely decorations in the yard.


    Since we visited in the warm season, we could enjoy the outside space. For the cold season, instead, there is also an in-room dining space.


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   The Staff


    Although we didn’t have much time to communicate, given the busy schedule we had in the two days, the hosts were very friendly and willing to help with everything we needed.


They are also the ones in charge of arranging the hot air balloon ride for you. I’ve seen seriousness and involvement, and that’s what I enjoy every time when it comes to an accommodation unit.


    Reasons to choose Hotel Sofa when visiting Cappadocia:


  • unique and original decoration
  • very rich breakfast
  • a large collection of antiques
  • professional staff
  • the very good price-quality ratio
  • each room has a different design


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