Top things to do in Barcelona in 2 days

I believe that Barcelona can successfully compete for the title of the best destination for a city break in Europe.


Especially given the fact that the capital of Catalonia occupies a fourth place on the podium of the most visited cities on the old continent.


The ideal getaway on the east of Spain will enchant you with the medieval atmosphere of the Gothic Quarter, with Gaudi’s avant-garde architecture, with wide beaches, museums, parks, artesian fountains sprinkled throughout the city, and delicious food.


2 days in Barcelona are enough to taste a little of everything I listed above. Especially since it is quite easy to get around the city.


You can walk short distances, or you can use public transportation. Which is super well set up, for longer distances. Here’s what you can visit if you only have 2 days in Barcelona:


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Where to stay in Barcelona:


Finding accommodation in Barcelona can be a challenge, especially since the city of Catalonia has so many beautiful places where you would definitely like to stay. One of the best places to stay in Barcelona is on Barceloneta beach, but it is certainly not the only one.

And do you know which is the best part? Most hotels in Barcelona have a rooftop pool. Here are some recommendations with great hotels in Barcelona, for every budget:


  • budget: Acta Voraport  swimming pool, great location, Wifi, parking, bar, restaurant
  • mid-range: Catalonia Catedral– swimming pool, great location, delicious breakfast, restaurant, very modern
  • luxury: Almanac Barcelona–  swimming pool, bar, spa, room service, ultra-modern, great location


2 days in Barcelona – itinerary


Day 1 | two days in Barcelona


Visit Sagrada Familia


Nowhere else will you feel the vibe of the city as much as you can on La Rambla. The 1.2 km street, stretching from Plaça Cataluyna to Port Vell.


Or Las Ramblas, given the fact that it is made up of 5 streets: Rambla de Canaletes, Estudis, Sant Josep, Caputxins, and Santa Mònica.


Start your vacation by visiting the most popular tourist spot in Barcelona and one of the famous landmarks in Europe, Sagrada Familia. But don’t forget to book the ticket online, at least a few days in advance. Because otherwise, you risk not finding availability anymore.


Gaudi’s masterpiece started in 1882, bears the official name of Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, and is visited by a large number of tourists daily.


Therefore, if 2 days in Barcelona are a last-minute plan, and you didn’t buy your tickets yet, you must know that the exterior of the building is just as impressive as the interior.


The cathedral has 3 facades: Glory, Passions, and Birth, each of them having fascinating details.


Although it’s not yet completed, the construction took more than 130 years. And is estimated to be ready in 2026.

When that happens, Sagrada Familia will have 18 towers. 12 represent the apostles, 4 the evangelists, and two the Holy Virgin and Jesus.


The project is so large and thorough that the entire process of construction took longer than the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

Easy to understand, considering the unique appearance of the magnificent monument.


Antoni Gaudí dedicated the last 40 years of his life to the cathedral, the last 15 exclusively for this enormous project. His tomb is located in the crypt of the cathedral.


Ticket Cost: € 17 basic – and can reach up to € 32 if you want to visit one of the towers


Check the price and book the ticket




Admire the uniqueness of Güell Park


Once you visit Güell Park, you will understand that this was a kind of playground for Gaudi.

A space located on El Carmel hill, in which the great architect pushed his creativity to the highest levels. He managed to harmonize elements inspired by nature, in a wide range of colors and shapes.


Guell Park means corrugations, arches and vaults, houses that seem to be made of sweet cake, lizards made of colorful mosaic, and the list can go on.


But it also means the home of Antoni Gaudi. Because the architect lived right here, in a house, you can visit by purchasing a separate ticket.


The park was officially opened in 1926; its construction lasted for 14 years. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1984, like many other works of the avant-garde architect.


Just like in the case of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, Guell Park can be added to the list of Barcelona sights that you can admire for free.


The park has two areas: one you can visit for free, and the other where you can see Gudi’s monuments, for which you must buy a ticket. Preferably in advance and online.



However, even if the ticket is a little expensive, in my opinion, I suggest you also visit this part of the most creative park in the world.


Especially if you have only 2 days in Barcelona and you want to enjoy the most beautiful and famous attractions of the city.


Check the price and book your visit to Park Guell



Day  2 | two days in Barcelona


Take a walk on La Rambla


Nowhere else will you feel the vibe of the city as much as you can on La Rambla. The 1.2 km street, stretching from Plaça Cataluyna to Port Vell.


Or Las Ramblas, given the fact that it is made up of 5 streets: Rambla de Canaletes, Estudis, Sant Josep, Caputxins, and Santa Mònica.


Chaotic, crowded, and lively, La Rambla is by far the most famous street in Barcelona. The place where you have to go and relax on a cozy terrace.


Or to admire the works of street artists, the tall trees, and to purchase refrigerator magnets for your loved ones.



Go to Barceloneta beach


Since Barcelona has everything you could wish for from a city, it would have been a pity not to have a beach.

Well, the Catalan city has a very large and extremely popular one. So popular, you’ll hardly find a place to lay your towel.


But it is not a disturbing crowd, but part of the charm of Barceloneta. In addition to bronze sessions and water sports, people often relax at beach volleyball matches.


An activity especially loved by the locals. A detail that makes it similar to Copacabana, in my opinion.


If you come to Barceloneta, it’s a must to sit on a terrace and taste a delicious paella with fresh seafood and enjoy a sangria. All this while enjoying the breeze of the Mediterranean.



Explore the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter


The Gothic Quarter is a real magnet for tourists.

This is due to the narrow streets that seem to form a labyrinth from which you can hardly get out. It is an old and full of history area of Barcelona, together with Ciutat Vella, La Ribera, La Raval, and Barceloneta.


Combine old buildings with fancy restaurants and cafes, and you will have a very nice afternoon in the Gothic Quarter.


Here you will find the best hotels in Barcelona.



Enjoy the most beautiful architecture on Illa de Discordia


Barcelona is the only city to receive the gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects. And the portion called Illa de la Discordia on Passeig de Gràcia is undeniable proof of merit.


4 of the most valuable modernist architects of Spain (Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Antoni Gaudí, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, and Enric Sagniersi) exhibited their most beautiful works here.


Therefore, from left to right, we have: Casa Lleó Morera, Casa Mulleras, Casa Bonet, Casa Amatller, and Casa Batlló.

All 5 houses are beautiful, with testimonies of big talents, and huge work. Although all 5 are worth admiring from all angles, below I will put the pictures of two of them, my favorites: Casa Lleó Morera, and Casa Batlló.


Check the price and book the ticket to Casa Batllo



Discover one of the most unusual houses: La Pedrera (Casa Mila)


Cross the Passeig de Gràcia, and stop to admire one of the strangest tourist attractions in Barcelona. This is Casa Mila, the last private residence bearing Gaudi’s signature.


Built between 1906 and 1912, Casa Mila was one of the most controversial architectural projects at the time.

Its owner and the person from whom it borrowed the name, Pere Mila, a successful businessman in Spain at the time, appealed to Gaudi to build a house with a completely different appearance from the rest.


Of course, Gaudi once again demonstrated his mastery. And he used the unique style that made him famous.

Ripples instead of straight lines, elements inspired by nature, colors, and shapes that will put your imagination to the test.


The final product was so spectacular that Casa Mila is included in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1984.


Check the price and book your ticket



Go through the Arc de Triomphe


Unlike other similar constructions that were erected to celebrate military victories, such as those in Paris or Bucharest, for example, the Triumph Arch in Barcelona aimed at celebrating the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona in 1888.


The interesting part is that there were competing several other projects for the Exhibition, including the Eiffel Tower.


It seems that it had been rejected, and therefore, later built in the capital of France, as we all know. What would Paris be without the Eiffel Tower and Barcelona with?


The monument is 30 meters high and was built in the neo-Moorish style. A style very present in the Iberian Peninsula.

It has a bright color, given the use of red bricks in its construction. And at the top of the arcade is decorated with the coat of arms of Barcelona.


The Arc de Triomphe is located between Passeig de Sant Joan and the alley with palm trees. Making it one of the most photographed places in Barcelona.


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