Dubai Frame- visiting experience

 In Dubai, there is a permanent competition between spectacular architectural projects, and chances are that every time you come back to visit, you will be surprised by a new impressive appearance on the city skyline.


For example, I look forward to the tower’s inauguration, which promises to be almost a kilometer on completion Dubai Creek Harbor. Until then, we are enjoying what is already in the emirate landscape, especially one of the newest appearances, The Dubai Frame.


  The construction opened its doors to visitors in January 2018, after a contest in which the best project won, but also after several years of building it. I remember that in 2017 I saw it in a building phase far from being ready.


That time I was wondering what the massive rectangle in Zabeel Park represents. I investigated the “problem” and learned the exact purpose of the two 150-meter towers, united up and down through a 105-meter-long bridge, creating the illusion of a giant photo frame.





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Fernando Donis, the architect who won the project and $ 100,000, had a great idea in mind. Through Dubai Frame, he would connect the past, present, and future of the Arab metropolis.

Therefore, the Dubai Frame location in Zabeel Park is not at all a random one, but it is based on a very carefully calculated strategy. Once you go up, you can see the old Dubai in the North and the new Dubai in the South.


   How to get to The Dubai Frame – Dubai Frame location


  • By subway – the Dubai Frame nearest metro station is Al Jafiliya, located on the red line, just four stops from Burj Khalifa. Dubai has a straightforward and well-thought-out subway system.
  • By car/taxi – you can, of course, get here either by rented car or by taxi, but you have to remember that you must pay for the parking.


View from Zabeel Park | Dubai Frame – visiting experience

Dubai Frame &A view from Dubai Frame


Visiting The Dubai Frame



  The Dubai Frame opening hours have a generous schedule. You can visit any day of the year, open from 9 am to 9 pm, even on weekends and during legal holidays. To avoid long standing in the queue, I recommend you try to come here during business days. 


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  • mid-range: Address Sky View– fabulous view, spa, room service, delicious breakfast, infinity pool
  • luxury: Bulgari Resort, Dubai – private beach, perfect location, fitness center, restaurant, bar


 Dubai Frame tickets 


Dubai Frame ticket price is 50 AED for adults and 20 for children. It’s not necessary to buy the Dubai Frame tickets in advance; it’s enough to get to the counter at Gate 4 of Zabeel Park and buy directly from there. Usually, you don’t have to wait too long. 


   Another aspect that you need to consider is the weather. No matter how developed, Dubai is located in the middle of the desert, where sandstorms are no longer a surprise, and a serene day can turn dark in just a few minutes.


Dust sometimes takes control over the city, and even the tallest buildings plunge into a dense cloud of mist, in which even the peak of Burj Khalifa is no longer distinguishable.


Therefore, you will want to avoid such a day and make sure you visit Dubai Frame on a sunny one. I also advise you not to carry oversized baggage because you must leave it somewhere at the entrance, considering that only small bags are allowed inside.


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Inside Dubai Frame


   The first step of visiting The Dubai Frame


    The Dubai Frame visit takes place in 3 phases that relate to the city’s past, present, and future, particularly in the given order. After you face the building that looks like a gold-plated photo frame, you will enter it, where you will discover the magic of the former Dubai.

The one that is long gone was a primary fishing village with traditions, customs, and handicrafts that we could rarely see nowadays. All are magistrally interpreted, with sound effects, smells, fog, and 3D images of high quality.

It’s so beautiful and realistic that you’ll have the feeling you’ve teleported in the past, among dunes and bedouins riding camels.

This is one reason why I think visiting the famous attraction is worthwhile. It’s not just a tall building that offers a stunning panorama, but it’s also a museum.


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   The second step of visiting The Dubai Frame


The next step is to enter the glass elevator, which reaches the 48th floor in just 75 seconds. Try to squeeze yourself in front of the group to enjoy the fast climbing while admiring the thousands of cars running on the city’s most famous boulevard, Sheikh Zayed.

Once you’ve reached the top, a long ultramodern room, two bars with sweets and soft drinks, expansive windows on both sides of the building, and a glass floor you can walk on will welcome you.


As soon as I spotted the glass floor, I immediately ran in its direction and began to walk on it, excited by the view at my feet and the pleasant sensations it gave me.


I was unafraid, although I felt it would break and I could fall through it anytime. However, that cannot happen because the floor is made of highly durable material without possibly cracking or breaking.


Inside Dubai Frame

Inside Dubai Frame

Inside & Outside Dubai Frame

View of Old Dubai from Dubai Frame

View of new Dubai from Dubai Frame

View of Dubai skyline from Dubai Frame


The glass floor inside Dubai Frame


However, no matter how satisfied you are with the glass floor, you should not forget to admire and see the city’s panorama, both the old and new sides. Each group has, theoretically, only 20 minutes to spend here.

As I have already mentioned, you will have a view of Deira, Bur Dubai, and Dubai Creek on the North side, and on the South side, the downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina.

It is a strong contrast that perfectly defines the initial purpose for which the Dubai Frame was built strategically to “embed” the two faces of the emirate city.


About the golden ratio at Dubai Frame


   The third step of visiting The Dubai Frame

As you expect, the visit’s last chapter is about the future. A Science Fiction style video show where you’ll see a conceptual Dubai, as it should look over 50 years from now.

Besides, you’ll find some exciting things about the Dubai Frame. About a total cost of 230 million AED, the building materials such as steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete.

And also the mathematical formula that inspired it, the golden ratio, the golden section, or the first irrational number discovered in history. For all these, The Dubai Frame deserves a place in the top ten experiences in The City of Gold.





Is Dubai Frame gold plated?


Although it appears to be covered in gold, the Dubai Frame is 15,000 square meters of golden stainless steel. So, even if it is not real gold, the effect is spectacular and incredibly reflects the light.


Is Dubai Frame worth visiting?


Dubai Frame is a unique building in the world and worth visiting when you travel to Dubai. The feeling of walking on a transparent glass floor 150 meters above the ground is pure adrenaline. Also, it’s the only place from where you can have a 50-50 overview of the new and the old Dubai.


How much time does it take to visit Dubai Frame?


The visit to Dubai Frame does not last too long. Generally, about 2-3 hours should be enough to check off this tourist attraction in Dubai.


Best time to visit Dubai Frame


I think the best times to visit Dubai Frame are in the morning or around sunset when you might have some dreamy views from up there. Lunch is not a good idea, especially if you want to avoid crowds.


Dubai Frame facts


These are some interesting Dubai Frame facts that you probably didn’t know about:

  • the project cost over AED 160 million
  • in Arabic, Dubai Frame is also known as Berwaz Dubai
  • only 200 visitors per hour are allowed inside
  • the building has 48 floors
  • over 2000 tons of steel were used in its construction
  • it only takes 75 seconds to go up to the top with the elevator