4 Days in Antalya – Best Antalya Itinerary

4 days in Antalya may or may not be enough to discover the beauties of this famous resort on the Turkish Riviera.


In my opinion, four days is the minimum for the best Antalya itinerary, enough to get to see many beautiful places, both in the city and nearby.


The best Antalya itinerary should combine the moments spent on the beaches in front of luxury hotels with those in which you can discover local life and culture.


You can do this on your own or by taking one of the most popular Antalya tours.


Antalya is one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean coast, with over 300 sunny days a year.


The resort at the foot of the Taurus Mountains offers many things for couples, groups of friends, and families with children.


In this article, I want to dispel the myth that a holiday in Antalya means 5-star all-inclusive resorts.


Indeed, it could be an option, but you’re in the right place if you genuinely wish to discover the city. There are so many excursions in Antalya worth taking.



How to get to Antalya


  • By car – you can get to Antalya by car if you live in a close enough country. However, I would recommend this option only if you plan a road trip in Turkey, which involves several destinations in this country, not just a trip to Antalya. Thus, your car will be handy for you. Otherwise, I recommend the plane, especially if you only want to spend 4 days in Antalya.


  • By plane – is the most convenient way to get to Antalya. There are plenty of direct flights to Antalya from most major European cities. As an idea, the price for a plane ticket to Antalya starts at 150 Euro round trip. The airport in Antalya is located only 15 minutes away from the city center.


What I use every time I travel:

  • To book hotels: Booking.com
  • To book tours: GetYourGuide.com




Where to stay in Antalya


Before discussing the things to do in Antalya, we must decide where to stay in Antalya and what choices we have regarding locations.


Regardless of where you choose to stay, don’t forget that the real Antalya vacation is outside the resort and is well worth discovering.


However, we must admit that Antalya is one of the top destinations for 5-star hotels, and the services are extraordinary.


The best hotels in Antalya for each budget:


  • budget: 
  1. Tekeli Konaklari  –A hotel located in the old town, Kaleici, only 3 minutes away from the beach. It has traditionally decorated rooms and a large swimming pool in the center; breakfast is included.
  2. GRAND MIR’AMOR HOTEL & Spa – All Inclusive  –  The second option for a slightly lower budget for Antalya is an all-inclusive resort located one hour from the city center but close to Camyuva beach. The resort is huge, and beautiful and has three swimming pools, a spa, a fitness center, and many other facilities.


  • mid-range:
  1. Akra Hotel  – Although it’s part of the average budget category for hotels in Antalya, Akra Hotel is a 5-star resort near Lara beach. You will have a sensational view of the sea and the Taurus Mountains from the room. The resort is perfect for spending 4 days in Antalya, having 4 swimming pools, bar, fitness, spa, and the rest I will let you discover. Check prices and availability here 
  2. Sealife Family Resort Hotel  –an all-inclusive budget option that offers all the facilities for a dream vacation in Antalya but also a direct view to Konyaalti beach and quick access to it


  • luxury: 
  1. Lara Barut Collection-Ultra All Inclusive  –8 à la carte restaurants, 3 swimming pools, spa with Turkish baths, beach, and fitness center. Should I continue? Lara Barut is an accommodation in Turkey Antalya that you can’t go wrong with
  2. Bayou Villas-Ultra All Inclusive  –Although it’s not a beachfront hotel, it’s a new, ultra-luxurious resort, a complex of ultra-modern villas with swimming pools and superb design that reminds me of Bali. It’s the most expensive accommodation in Antalya on this list, but ideal for a few unforgettable days in Antalya or a fairytale honeymoon





4 Days in Antalya – Best Antalya itinerary


4 Days in Antalya – Day 1 

Visit the old town – Kaleiçi


Now that we’ve determined your accommodation options, it’s time to discuss the places to visit in Antalya.


It’s best to start your holiday in Antalya with a walk through the old town, Kaleici. The cobbled streets will take you through whitewashed houses with red roofs, palm trees, ruins of fortified walls, colorful bazaars, and stalls with oranges and pomegranates.


The streets of Kaleici are over two millennia old and represent a combination of two architectural styles, Greek and Ottoman.


You need about 2-3 hours to explore them properly and maybe even more if you want to discover fascinating details.



streets of Kaleici | 4 days in Antalya


One of the buildings in the old town that deserves to be added to your Antalya itinerary is the Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque.


It was built under the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century and later restored in 1940. Equally imposing is the Clock Tower, the only survivor of the more than 80 towers surrounding the city.



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Take a walk through the old port | Best Antalya itinerary


During the Byzantine period, Antalya was one of the most important port cities on the Mediterranean Sea.


The port near Kaleici used to be the city’s main port until the twentieth century. Now, however, it’s more of a promenade area, with several restaurants, cafes, and even observation points that reveal a fabulous view.


It’s a great place to experience Antalya nightlife, so make room for it during the 4 days in Antalya. 


The port is located in a beautiful landscape, with steep coasts, palm trees, and the Mediterranean Sea’s turquoise water. From here, boat trips generally depart, inviting you to discover the city’s beauties on the water in the best excursions in Antalya.


Therefore, if you’re searching for the best day trips in Antalya, you might want to check the old port.


An observation point to visit in Antalya is the glass terrace that offers you a complete panorama of the port, the sea, and the Taurus Mountains in the background.


You can get here by crossing Kecili Park, with its artesian fountains and wooden sculptures, or by taking the elevator if you are at the bottom.


Check out these amazing tours in Antalya ⇓



The old port | Best Antalya itinerary


Admire Hadrian’s Gate


Continue your day in Antalya with a walk to this fantastic ancient structure.


Three marble carved arches with floral motifs and a few imposing towers are all that remain of the imposing Hadrian’s Gate. It’s located on Atatürk Boulevard, right next to Kaleici.


Hadrian’s Gate was built to mark the visit of the Roman emperor Adrian or Hadrian in 130 A.D. and is practically the only Gate still standing from the Roman Empire.


It’s a beautiful piece of ancient architecture that you can not miss on your walk through the old center, especially as it seems to transition between two worlds, old and new, past and future.


You must add Hadrian’s Gate to your Antalya sightseeing tours, especially since you can visit it for free.


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Hadrian’s Gate | 4 days in Antalya


Visit Karaalioglu Park


Also, next to the old town is the largest park in Antalya, with an impressive area of 140,000 square meters.


Continue your Antalya tours with an afternoon in this park, walking the alleys shaded by palm trees in the garden, and enjoy the views of the park’s observation points.


Karaalioglu Park was built in 1943 and has since become an important social center, mainly during Ramadan when all kinds of dinners are organized, after sunset.


Karaalioglu Park | 4 days in Antalya


Go shopping in the Bazaar | 4 days in Antalya


End your first out of the 4 days in Antalya with a shopping session. You can’t miss the Turkish bazaars, whether you’re on holiday in Antalya or any other city in Turkey.


They are packed with all kinds of products, and you can find beautiful souvenirs, from pillowcases and magnets to fragrant soaps or all sorts of spices.


Don’t forget to try various Turkish sweets, especially Turkish delight, a marvel.


In addition to authentic products, there are all kinds of objects copied by luxury brands. I suggest you avoid those.


The sellers are very kind in general and offer you tea and the possibility to negotiate the price of the products you want to buy. Shopping in Antalya is an experience!


Turkish delight (lokum) | Best Antalya itinerary


4 Days in Antalya – DAY 2


Go to the beach


A trip to Antalya would be incomplete without the famous blue flag beaches. Some would agree that Konyaalti is the best beach in Antalya.


It is a long beach, stretching over 8 km, surrounded by luxury hotels. Konyaalti is one of the city’s public beaches and can become extremely crowded in the high season.


Although it’s a beautiful beach, don’t expect the finest sand because it’s sand mixed with gravel. You will find many restaurants, cafes, terraces, and places where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas along the beach.


Konyaalti | 4 days in Antalya


Unlike Konyaalti, you will find the fine sand you probably want in Lara. Konyaalti Beach and Lara have a blue flag, meaning that the water is excellent quality and safe to swim in here.


While Konyaalti is located west of the city, Lara is in the opposite direction, in the east.


The water is calmer and a little warmer on Lara beach, making it one of the best things to do in Antalya for families. Of the 15 km that the beach has, only two are public, the rest belonging to the top hotels and ultra-inclusive resorts in Antalya.


Besides the two, Antalya has other more secluded and less crowded beaches, but also much more distant.


So, if you have more than 4 days in Antalya and you want to spend a few hours on a less populated beach in Antalya, consider the following options:


  • Moonlight Beach
  • Patara Beach
  • İncekum
  • Olympos
  • Phaselis
  • Kaputaş
  • Cleopatra


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Visit the Antalya Museum


If you spend your day number 2 on Konyaalti Beach, you could also visit the Antalya Museum in the immediate vicinity.


One of the best things to do in Antalya with kids is to visit the Antalya Museum. It includes 14 halls with exhibits, primarily archaeological discoveries made in the nearby historic cities.


More than 5,000 pieces are waiting to be discovered by museum visitors.


They cover several periods in the history of the place, from prehistory to the Ottoman period. We are talking about Neanderthal skeletons, statuettes found in the ancient city of Perge, and portraits carved in marble.


Best Antalya Itinerary – DAY 3


Düden Waterfalls | Best Antalya itinerary


I wrote waterfalls and not waterfall because I’m about to mention two big waterfalls formed on the same river, the Duden river.


The waterfalls are a few km away from each other and are called Upper Düden and Lower Düden. Visiting these waterfalls is one of my favorite excursions in Antalya.


Lower Düden flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea and is 40 meters high.


You can reach the waterfall by passing through a beautifully landscaped park with lawn, flowers, seating areas, playgrounds for children, and even a zip line over the river.


The waterfall can be admired from two perspectives, either from Duden Park or even from the water, in a tour that you can start in the old port.


Visiting the waterfall is one of the best things to do in Antalya because it is just so gorgeous!



Lower Düden | 4 days in Antalya


Equally beautiful are the waterfalls formed much further north, about 20 km away. Upper Duden Falls is also known as Alexander Falls because it is said that Alexander the Great gave water to his horse here.


Besides waterfalls, you can walk in the alleys and enter the caves formed behind the waterfall.


In summer, the place becomes crowded, and many people choose to spend the whole day inside the park.


Visiting hours: between 9 am and 7.30 pm in summer and between 9 am and 6 pm in winter
Entrance fee: 5 TL per person


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Upper Düden | 4 days in Antalya


Enjoy the view from Tünektepe Teleferik


The landscape of Antalya is so beautiful that it is worth admiring from above.


You can take the Tünektepe cable, which reaches 618 meters above sea level and have a whole panorama of Antalya. It’s definitely something you must add to your 4 days in Antalya itinerary.


The cable car stretches over 1700 meters, includes 36 cabins, and can carry 1200 people per hour.


It’s not allowed to bring food from outside, but there are restaurants and cafes at the top of the mountain, and the panorama is unbeatable.


To get to the cable car’s base, you must go to Konyaalti beach, Sarısu station.


This could also be one of the best things to do in Antalya for families, I’m sure the kids would love to come here.


Visiting hours: every day between 10 am and 6 pm, except Mondays

Entrance ticket: 20 TL


Tünektepe Teleferik | 4 days in Antalya


Best Antalya Itinerary – DAY 4


River rafting | Best Antalya itinerary


Beaches, walks, and relaxation. Is the adrenaline ingredient missing on your 4 days in Antalya itinerary?


No, because the adrenaline is at its highest on the rivers of Antalya. Water sports enthusiasts can go river rafting on the Köprüçay, Manavgat, Dim, Duden, and Alara rivers. The most sought-after is river rafting in the Köprülü canyon.


The Antalya tours that offer such an experience in this city have all the necessary equipment, from a life jacket, helmet, oars, and even lunch.


You only need to bring some joy! Prices start at € 20 per person.


If you want to have memories of and take pictures, make sure you have waterproof photo equipment because it’s impossible not to get wet otherwise.


River rafting on Düden river | 4 days in Antalya


Places to visit near Antalya


The ancient city of Perge


Archaeological sites cannot be missing from the list of places to visit during your 4 days in Antalya.


There are various excursions in Antalya that you can sign in to so you can see these places.


Located 18 km from the city, Perge is an ancient fortress perched on a hill, the former capital of the Pamphylia region.


Perge is one of the oldest cities belonging to the Roman Empire. Studies show that over 200,000 people used to live here.


The most important buildings in Perge are the theater, the stadium, two basilicas, and the agora.


And if we talk about the degree of conservation, the amphitheater would probably receive the first place on the podium. It is enormous, with a capacity of 15 000 seats, and very well preserved.



Day trip to the ruins of Termessos


Built at the foot of the Gulluk Mountains at an altitude of 1050 meters, Termessos is the ideal day trip from Antalya.


The ancient city is now called Termessos National Park, but it’s more of an open-air museum.


We might know many things about Termessos, but one crucial detail is that it was well defended against Alexander the Great, and it was part of the Roman Empire.


The best-preserved elements of the whole complex are the city walls, the Hadrian’s Gate, the cisterns, the theater, and the agora.


You can go to Termessos by car, located at a distance of about 45 km from the city. However, it’s best to come here on a private guided tour because only then will you find fascinating details about the history of these ruins.


Ruins of Termessos | 4 days in Antalya


The Land of Legends | Best Antalya itinerary


Antalya has its own Disneyland! Located 30 km from the city, The Land of Legends is an amusement park that can successfully compete for the most beautiful amusement park in the world. Everything looks like fairytales. The gorgeous castle is the main attraction.


You can come here for shopping, perfect dining experiences, the amusement park, or even stay in this beautiful resort.


The Water Park and the Adventure Park are huge and have plenty of water slides, roller coasters, and other attractions. 


Over 2 million people come here yearly, and it’s considered one of the best things to do in Antalya with kids.


You can come to The Land of Legends by car. The complex has a vast parking lot with over 1300 spaces.


The Land of Legends | 4 days in Antalya


Best things to know before visiting Antalya


  • The best Antaya sightseeing tours


In addition to the days spent at the beach, a vacation in Antalya also means fun entwined with discovering tourist attractions in the city.


You can best do this on an organized tour. From my point of view, these are the must-do day trips in Antalya:


  1. city tour, with a visit to the waterfalls and the cable car
  2. day trip to the surrounding ancient cities
  3. adrenaline rush in Koprulu Canyon: rafting and zip line
  4. jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains


  • Best time to visit Antalya


Spring and autumn are the ideal times to check out the most beautiful places to visit in Antalya if you want to avoid the crowds and heat.


June, July, and August are the hottest months in Antalya and the busiest.


The weather in Antalya is also pleasant from November to March, with an average temperature of 10-20 degrees, but it’s not suitable for swimming.


In conclusion, the best time to visit Antalya would be the end of spring and the beginning of autumn.


  • Is Antalya worth visiting?

The answer is obviously yes, considering how beautiful the resort is and how much it offers, including the famous Antalya tours.


Antalya has something for every type of tourist and even for every kind of budget, so it would be good to add it to the list of places to visit if you haven’t already. I hope this 4 days in Antalya itinerary will be helpful to you.


  • How to get around in Antalya


To use public transport in Antalya, you need AntalyaKart, which you can buy either from the airport or various city kiosks.


You will only pay the card’s price once, and then you have to recharge it.


You can also travel by taxi, electric scooters, or rent a bike or car for the entire duration of your stay. On average, renting a car per day in Antalya is $ 40.


Taking a taxi in Antalya is a perfect option. The cost of a taxi in Antalya depends a lot on the distance. The taxi price is generally reasonable in Antalya and other touristic places in Turkey.


For example, for 10 km, expect to pay $5 on average.


  • Best places to eat in Antalya


In terms of gastronomy, Antalya is what you need. Here you will find absolutely everything your heart desires, from seafood, vegetables, barbecue, kebap, and other Turkish dishes, to international cuisine.


There are places for all budgets, so I recommend you not necessarily go for the all-inclusive option. Accommodations with breakfast in Antalya included could be a good option.


There are a lot of places where you can eat well, but these are the best restaurants in Antalya in my opinion

  • Yemenli Meyhanesi
  • Kaleici Meyhanesi Konyaalti
  • Fatma Sultan Restaurant (Turk MutfagI)
  • Ayar Meyhanesi
  • Hayat Restaurant


  • Is Antalya safe?


I can confirm from my experience that I had no problems in Antalya. It’s a very touristic city, and the people are very civilized.


Minor incidents can occur, as in every place, but overall you can walk without problems almost anywhere and at whatever time you want.


Take the safety measures you would have taken in any other site considered safe, and everything will be ok. So, the answer to the question “Is Antalya safe?” is yes.