12 accommodation units with outdoor pool at the mountain in Romania

The classic question: do you prefer the sea or mountains? But what if you can have both or at least a little of each, so you can enjoy a great vacation, a getaway that involves fresh air and fabulous mountain views, but also water to swim as much as you want?


Fortunately, there are quite a few guesthouses and chalets with outdoor pools at the mountain in Romania, superb places that meet the requirements mentioned above. We certainly have an incredible mountainous landscape in Romania, so finding accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool is all we need to do.


I found 12 chalets with an outdoor pool, and most of them are accommodations that also have playgrounds for children. So, the holiday with the family is going to be successful. The order in which I will present them is entirely random; they are not arranged according to personal preferences or other criteria.


I also made a small map in which I would assign a number to each of these accommodations with an outdoor pool to make it easier for you to find them depending on the desired location.



12 accommodation units with outdoor pool

at the mountain in Romania



1. Casuta de sub dealMagura, Buzau county


The first mountain accommodation with the pool I am talking about in this article is Casuta de sub deal, located somewhere at the foot of the mountains in Magura Buzau. The house also has a children’s playground, gazebo, barbecue, and parking—all in a beautiful natural setting.


The so-called house is a villa with three rooms, two bathrooms, and a relatively large living room. The rooms are spacious and have beautiful views of the forest behind the mansion. There is also a fireplace in the living room that you can definitely enjoy in the cold season.


You can do some activities here like hiking in the woods, on foot or by ATV, and cycling (the villa provides bicycles). You can especially enjoy the fact that it is an accommodation with an outdoor pool.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Pruncea Waterfall
  • Mud volcanoes
  • Siriu Lake
  • Ciolanu monastery etc. 



2. Marie Chalet – Breaza, Brasov county


The name of this cottage with an outdoor pool was clearly not chosen by chance. Marie Chalet is a beautiful, elegant accommodation unit with six bedrooms, a huge outdoor pool, and fresh mountain air.


The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated with flowers, furniture in pastel colors, and carefully chosen decorations. The chalet is designed to provide all the comfort you may need, equipped with a very spacious kitchen with all necessary equipment and four bathrooms.


Right from the garden of the villa, you can see the snowy ridges of the Fagaras Mountains, an image that you will surely fully enjoy. Marie Chalet is one of the most beautiful mountain accommodations with an outdoor pool in Romania.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Transfagarasan Highway
  • Negru Voda Citadel
  • Sambata de Sus monastery
  • Albota Trout etc.



3. Casa Bradet – Intorsura Buzaului, Buzau county



Located just 7 km from the ski slope from Intorsura Buzaului, Casa Bradet is the perfect place to stay in any season. The view is beautiful both in summer and in winter.


At Casa Bradet, you can have fun in many ways. First of all, enjoy that you are at one of the most beautiful accommodations with an outdoor swimming pool in Romania, then rent a bike and go exploring the surroundings. In winter, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage in an enchanting landscape.


The house has a restaurant with a terrace, a pavilion, a large yard with green grass, a playground for children, and a room where you can have fun at a game of billiards. The cottage restaurant serves traditional dishes from local producers.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Urlatoarea Waterfall
  • Ciucas Massif
  • “Valea Zimbrilor” Bison Reserve
  • Siriu Dam


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4. 3A Guest House – Sicasau, Harghita county


It is a cottage located in the middle of fairytale hills, with seven bedrooms and a vast garden. In the immediate vicinity, there is the river Sicasau which flows into Lake Zetea.


3A Guest House can only be rented in its entirety, so it is perfect for a large family who wants to have a getaway of a few days in the heart of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Or for a group of friends, even for team building.


The cottage has playgrounds for children, a wooden pavilion perfect for outdoor dining, a tub, and of course, an outdoor pool where you can swim all day long while admiring the green forest.


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What to visit in the area

  • Lake Zetea
  • Ivó Wildlife Park
  • Varsag Waterfall
  • Several ski slopes



5. Vila Zen – Slanic Moldova, Bacau county


Villa Zen in Slanic Moldova is not only accommodation with an outdoor pool, but it is an accommodation with an infinity outdoor pool !! And the panorama you can enjoy from this beautiful infinity pool in Romania is right on the hills full of greenery, an oasis of peace and relaxation in the middle of nature.


Six bedrooms and five bathrooms, a large living room opening to the kitchen area, pavilion, garden, and terrace are just some of the strengths of this fantastic accommodation.


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Locuri pe care le poti vizita in zona:

  • Slanic Moldova
  • Nemira ski slope
  • Salina Targu Ocna
  • Bucias waterfall



6. Casa Alexandra – Cornu de Jos, Prahova county


Alexandra House is ideal for a holiday of a few days in the mountains with friends or family. You will certainly not be disappointed by the conditions here, especially by the pool in its garden, in a lovely setting, surrounded by greenery and all kinds of trees.


The house has a capacity of over ten people, with five bedrooms in total. It’s modern and equipped with everything you need from mountain accommodation in Romania, including a gym. Another great advantage is that it is only 25 km from Sinaia, one of Romania’s most beautiful mountain resorts.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Sinaia
  • Busteni
  • Predeal
  • Campina



7. Retreat Margau Apuseni-Adults Only –  Margau, Cluj county



Retreat Margau Apuseni has become a trendy place lately, due to its location and probably the most beautiful accommodation with a swimming pool in Romania. Or the accommodation with the most beautiful pool in Romania.


The chalet has five bedrooms and a very spacious living room. Like all the rest of the rooms, by the way. In addition to the enormous space that each room enjoys, it also has a lot of light that makes the place even more welcoming.


The architecture of the cottage is also fascinating and attractive, being built of natural materials such as wood and stone and having a very rustic look. It is pretty large and can accommodate up to 12 people in the five bedrooms available.


But definitely, the main attraction is the pool, an infinity pool overlooking the surrounding hills, which takes your breath away and makes you think you are in an exotic destination, not in Romania.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Valul Miresei waterfall
  • Sequoia Park
  • Rachitele waterfall



8. Casa Dives – Pianu de Sus, Alba county


Just 17 km from Alba Iulia, we find Casa Dives, an old accommodation. Although it dates back to the 19th century and has an exciting history, Casa Dives has been rehabilitated and modernized to deserve its place on the list of the most beautiful accommodation units with an outdoor swimming pool in Romania.


In addition to the large swimming pool, Casa Dives also has a pavilion, tub, cellar with selected wines and traditional dishes. You can dine right in nature, with a dream panorama of the forest.


The stay at Casa Dives starts with a strong palinka from Transylvania. Later, you can carry out several activities. Among the most appreciated are the bike or cart rides on Valea Pianului.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Alba Iulia Citadel
  • Mures River
  • Iezerul Ighel Lake
  • Rapa Rosie
  • Prislop Monastery
  • Corvin Castle



9. Hétvezér Panzió – Sub Cetate, Harghita county



Hétvezér Panzió is an outdoor pool located at the foot of the Harghita-Madaras Mountains, extremely close to Odorheiu Secuiesc. But the nearest settlement is the village of Sub Cetate, where you can find several shops where you can get your supplies.


Besides the pool, the most beautiful element here seems to me to be the enormous garden. It is so big that there is even a mini football field. And for fishing enthusiasts, the pension also has a pond.


In fact, it’s not only one building, but there are three buildings of different capacities. Each room has a balcony, and you can rent only one room or the whole cottage.


Children are not neglected either. They have a football field, swings, slides, trampoline, and hammocks.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Varsag waterfall
  • Giurgiului mountains



10. Pensiunea JOJO Imperial Resort & Spa – Baile Herculane, Caras-Severin county



Pension JOJO is a luxury accommodation that offers all the comfort you need and more than that. Within the pension, there is also a restaurant, but also a modern spa area. Also, the rooms look perfect and have ultra-modern bathrooms.


Pension Jojo is one of the most beautiful accommodations in Romania with an outdoor pool, but the bonus is that this guesthouse also has an indoor pool for those cold or rainy days. So, you can enjoy the water regardless of the season and the weather conditions.


By the way, from the outdoor pool, you have a direct view to the ridges of the Cerna Mountains and the Domogled Mountains, an incredible landscape regardless of the season!


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What to visit in the area:

  • Cazanele Dunarii
  • Mraconia Monastery
  • Valea Cernei-Domogled National Park
  • The ruins of Drencova Fortress




11. Pensiunea Stefania– Hunedoara


If you want to visit Corvin Castle and a few other places near Deva, then Pension Stefania is ideal. It has eight rooms, a kitchen, terraces, barbecue, two swimming pools and plenty of space to relax.


The eight rooms offer a view either to the mountain or to the courtyard pool. What would you like to see when you wake up in the morning? Like the rest of the accommodations with the outdoor pool in this article, this one is child-friendly. Children can have fun on the swing and trampoline, and they also have a small swimming pool only for them, which does not exceed a depth of 1.20 m.


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What to visit in the area:

  • Corvin Castle
  • Prislop monastery
  • Deva Citadel
  • Clocota waterfall
  • Geoagiu-Bai



12. Casa Domneasca – Baia de Fier, Gorj county


Casa Domneasca in Baia de Fier has double, triple, and four beds rooms and a very spacious and tastefully decorated living room. The hosts promise not to let their guests leave until they taste the gastronomic specialties prepared especially for them: smoked bean soup and onion salad, tender ribs and chops, and much more, along with tasty house wine.


Besides rest and feast, at Casa Domneasca, you will find a playground for children, terraces, and a grill outside in the cool mountain air. Not to mention it has a fabulous outdoor pool!


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What to visit in the area:

  • Pologvragi Cave
  • Horezu monastery
  • Ranca mountain resort
  • Dintr-un Lemn monastery



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