Bali rice fields – 13 Best rice terraces in Bali

Bali rice fields are one of my top reasons for visiting the island and keep coming back. I love to catch the time when the rice is still green and walk among the fields barefoot. It’s a great feeling!   Bali, known as the “Island of the Gods,” is renowned for its unique rice terraces, […]

Bali 3 week itinerary – the best Bali travel guide

This Bali-3-week itinerary will comprehensively explore the “Island of the Gods,” featuring ancient temples, rice terraces, gorgeous waterfalls, and vibrant markets.   By following this guide, you will discover the rich Balinese culture, stunning landscapes, and tranquil beaches; Bali is and will ever be a dream come true!   Spending a month in Bali each […]

Things to do in NYC at Christmas

   There are so many amazing things to do in NYC at Christmas! Therefore, if I had to choose one city in the world to spend Christmas every year, it would definitely be New York City. I wanted to visit the American metropolis during the winter holidays since I was a child. Yes, Kevin is […]

The best Christmas Markets in the USA in 2023

Nothing can introduce you better to the winter holidays atmosphere this year than a visit to the best Christmas Markets in the USA in 2023.   So, I decided to write this article with the help of 7 travel bloggers. Each one will recommend their favorite Christmas markets in the United States.   There are […]

What to do in El Nido Palawan – 18 activities in El Nido

   El Nido means much more than just a gathering of 45 islands, randomly chosen from the over 7000 of the Philippines. It is an idyllic place where breathtaking landscapes are the gift you receive at the end of an exhausting but beautiful day, full of activities meant to increase your adrenaline and adventurous spirit. I only had […]

26 Best Christmas Markets in Europe in 2023

Choosing the best Christmas markets in Europe in 2023 could be difficult since many Christmas cities are on the old continent. Almost every big city has a fair dedicated to winter holidays, and each one is special.   These are places where the magic of Christmas is more vital than anywhere and where people of […]

Day trip to Capri from Positano

When visiting the Amalfi Coast, a day trip to Capri from Positano is one of the best choices. Capri is a picturesque island located off the coast of southern Italy. Known for its crystal-clear waters, stunning views, and quaint town, Capri is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast.   Capri has a […]

The 7 best beaches in Zanzibar

I spent 2 weeks in Zanzibar, exploring almost everything the island offers. Thus I compiled a list of the best beaches in Zanzibar. Although they are all beautiful, I thought it was worth making a top 7 best beaches in Zanzibar, given that the African island is big and you need some time to discover […]

TOP 7 best beaches in EL NIDO Palawan

Welcome to Palawan, a tropical destination in the Philippines known for its stunning beaches that will take your breath away. El Nido, nestled among the pristine waters of the Bacuit Archipelago, is home to some of the world’s top beaches, each giving a distinct and enchanting experience.  About El Nido, the Philippine paradise with palm-tree forests and fine […]

Best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar depends on several factors, especially what you want to do there. The weather in Zanzibar has a hard word to say in making the decision. It also matters a lot if you want to visit the island as a package with a safari on the mainland, where you can […]